Vulnerability fulfilled

I need.

To long for and to feel deep lack, presents an interesting encounter with myself!

When I long for something that I lack – I meet the shattering reality of vulnerability.

In vulnerability, I am exposed! I feel naked.



This moment is either great freedom – or a shocking encounter with vulnerability/ weakness.

Freedom -if I’ve learned the glory of being beloved, desirable, unrestricted and unashamed.

Weak – if I feel exposed, open to ridicule, aggressive depersonalization and risking harm.

Shame tells me which way I went.


To yearn.

If I cry for that which I can not exist without, I find hopelessness waiting at the door.

Unrequited longing is exhausting! Who needs it??

So I bury it and pretend that I can survive independently.


To be.

This calls out of me a humility that reveals my character. I am complete yet vulnerable.

My life’s trauma does not determine my humility. Humility arises through courage.

Have I risen to the challenge of facing that my natural state is naked!


I receive!

The wonder of the gift of love comes in my weakness and acknowledged need.

I need you! I stand naked and unashamed knowing that vulnerability releases greatness.

In your eyes I find me and am infinitely fulfilled!

Author – Bill Tidsbury