Being and Connection

Life is clearly about relationship and yet relationships remain mysterious!

The mystery can be buried by so many things and so seem confusing. However, at root, life is about being in you and you being in me. This fundamental reality must be felt, breathed, and become enmeshed in my very core.

There is a harmonic resonance to life that must be listened to. Whether the metaphor is one of dance or music, this interplay must be the wellspring of all thought and words, all motion and actions and all dreams.

My being is in you and your being is in me!

I flow out of who you are and your flow enhances who I am. I am most vibrantly myself when I sink into you.

So I ask out of who you are and realize the manifestation of you. You accomplish your works as I choose my actions. As you flow, I in turn realize the splendour and glory of who I am – unique, beloved, powerful and free!

Author – Bill Tidsbury