Leaping anew!

Where ? How? in this New Year??

Dancing comes to mind – I keep getting pictures of dancing. It is a movement that flows, that is tied to music and rhythm. It is designed to be with a partner/s. It is attractive to others and is an expression of beauty.

Fire is always in my mind. Fire of passion, of intimacy, of freedom’s home. A fire that doesn’t harm or destroy. A fire that is bright and full of light and invitation.

There is also intimacy – face to face transparency that nurtures love and true community. A connectedness that can enjoy silence and yet is exuberantly contagious with joy and laughter. This is an intimacy that heals!

Then I am reminded of courage. Courage is needed to step beyond that which I  know, to believe in the possible of what I long for. I need courage to risk shifting relationships to be wind rather than anchored stones.

Most of all there is the impossible overwhelming incandescence of presence! That is intolerable and yet so full of grace and fulfilment that Life can not be truly tasted apart from it. Presence that goes beyond the finite bounds of my being to explore the reaches of a Lover who experiences no limits in creativity and uniqueness. Who is always “now” and always sure that beauty longs to be released!

This “Presence” lifts a call to a Life outside of “normal”, to a place that suspends disbelief and shakes everything around me.

So I  must run – with eyes wide open and laughter in my soul. Caught in a destiny that I can’t begin to comprehend but sure that what ever lies ahead, it can only be more full of the One I love – and inextricably linked to you – the others I encounter in my moments each day!

Author – Bill Tidsbury