Hearing differently

I used to sleep when I was awake! I often missed the sound of quiet desperation in the hearts around my busy life. I used to think that answers always spoke perfection and silenced all dispute! Then I woke up and realized I needed to hear life sing!

I went to sleep last night,listening to the dogs bark. It was intriguing as I counted over 20 distinct voices in the course of drifting into dreams! Funny, how a person walking down a street creates a symphony!

I woke up last night, feeling strange! All the dogs were silent! Mind you, it was after 2 AM! Even my friends the crickets and the frogs were silent. So, I enjoyed silence with still night breezes flowing over my head as I drifted back to sleep!

I woke up this morning as the light was dawning. The call to wakefulness came from roosters crowing announcing the demise of night. Of course the splash of songbirds that awaken the day are the perfect celebration to being alive in  a new day!

I remember my last night in Canada on Thursday. The walls were cold and chilly, the windows closed  yet with the sighing sound of a cold wind outside. Inside, if I stepped near, I could hear the sweet sound of children dreaming!

I live between two worlds, and two realities. One is cold and wealthy, the other is warm and quite distressed. The worlds collide in my head as I shift from quiet- to constant vocalization, from ample provision – to desperate poverty. Yet in both worlds, life sings beautifully. I just need to hear differently!

Author – Bill Tidsbury