Walking gently

Human tragedy grips my heart,

forlorn wastelands full of dust,

yet if I pause, I catch a glimpse,

off in the distance, the coming showers!


How can rain fall all around me?

How can hearts not sense the sound?

Mist and freshness in the air,

yet hope lies tattered while no one dares!


Hope looks up seeing rain’s near promise,

Life arises when beams hit rain.

Glorious rainbows sing their anthems,

if my eye can break its hold on loss.


Faces lifted, see each other,

laughter’s sound is so intimate!

Eyes that greet each other warmly,

Bring sparkling transformation early.


Storm and trouble bring the rain near,

My heart shifted though feeling pain.

Surging upwards beyond the darkness,

I drop my burden and dance with grace!


Eternity’s face turns towards me.

Distance exists within the mind.

Gentleness is a bubbling spring,

When I soar, uplifted by your wings.


Human tragedy grips my heart.

Flowing water gushes round about.

Transformation’s joy appears,

as I walk gently with you so near.

Author – Bill Tidsbury