Thinking about majesty

In speaking with people who ache, I find that majesty is part of the dream of their wounded hearts!

It resonates deeply with dreams and possibilities.

Words are curious. We use them, but so often leave them hazy and vague. We agree that we have common understanding but don’t actually do the work to intimately connect across our universes of divergent experience.

What is majesty?

As I reflect on my impressions of majesty, one thing I have sensed is vastness and the reality of imponderables! I just find it hard to encapsulate  in words!. My impression is that majesty doesn’t move at a fast pace – it has no hurry! It knows that there is no limit on the resources it has available! So it lavishes in spectacular ways when celebrating its abundance. Majesty also brings to mind things like honour, abundance, benevolence, authority, privilege and gracious grandeur and yet is so much more.

Yet, when I see it grasped after in our broken world – it actually produces something quite tawdry!  The act of reaching shines  a spotlight on our play as dusty orphans reaching up to something outside our capacity to touch without disintegration!

True majesty is something unbroken and  undefinable because it has no limits. Think about it -there can be no words in an environment where all things are limitless. Words communicate because of boundaries.


What is – what is not.

What would speech be like if each fragment were a never ending , ever changing movie? Each portion would be a kaleidoscope of shifting meaning in an expanding universe! I could never know the meaning until the end. Is this a hero or anti-hero? Do they live or die. Is it grand or tragic? I need endings!

So the challenge for me – is that I have to have an ending in order to be able to assign meaning! I’m finite! To grasp content and provide definition, I need to freeze frame limitless realities – and in so doing, ultimately change them forever! This is the challenge of any interface with eternity!

Yet, I have a dream of majesty, and I need eternity to comprehend it!

Author – Bill Tidsbury