Fears beguiling ways

Fear is a monster.

It lives in blood and grime.

Yet, sweetly prances down the street,

beguiling, saying- “I’m delicate concern!”


Fear eats its victims.

It’s hunger, powerful and raw.

It blithely hides its ravenous ways

beneath it’s victim’s terrifying shame.


Lies seem to partner,

with wise discretion’s grace.

Suggesting fear is reasonable,

considering my history with pain!


Love’s child is never fear.

A warrior born and raised.

It champions those who’re delicate,

then orchestrates my victory parade!


Life lived is freedom.

The joy of flight released.

It takes the risk to soar above,

and lifts a toast to courage found and dared.


Cheers! I won’t comply.

I will not draw in close.

I shun the smell of fear and shame,

when snarling phantoms crowd around and jeer.


So I call aloud,

a ringing cry to join,

a circle of transparent hearts

embracing me, as joy wells up in song.


Possible is near!

I welcome dreams and more.

I choose to turn fear on its head,

then dance with hope, as I begin to roar!

Author – Bill Tidsbury