The word “promise” reverberates through the years, it crashes headlong into obstacles.

Promise is relentless and enduring. Promise calls forth Faith; it enlivens Hope; it’s embrace is one of joy to the longing human heart.

Each of our hearts longs for promise.


Listen to the echoes residing in  your own heart!

I yearn for promise in this broken world of ours – there is great sorrow – and yet, can you hear the underlay of the whispered commitments of your loving God?

They soak into crevices and crannies, seeking entry into the stony wasteland of a human heart.

Promise stirs up life.

Promise is a good Word – a grand Word. It is a full Word.

Promise speaks of heart desire – it speaks of future. It speaks of me – my secret desire and hope; my  yearnings after meaning and purpose.

Promise sparkles and glows in the darkness.

It takes on a  life of its own – its irrepressible! Yet — so much promise is buried deep in the rubble of a life lived in the sorrow of a fallen world. Promise has become a distant echo from our youth. It becomes a wistful smile – wishing – “if only it could be true!” – but cold reality takes up all the  room on the floor of our mind.

We outgrow promise. We’ve all felt the process!

We “wise up” to the truth – the glaring brutalities of life.

We have left fairy tales behind.

And yet — Promise still is an echo that can suddenly enflame a human heart.

So, if we are honest, we know that Promise can scare us.

It is so inviting, it seems so possible -if we could only let ourselves go with it.

But — we have done this before, and I remember I’ve been burned. So, I have learned a powerful lesson. Promise tastes best at a distance!

And yet—-

Promise calls to me,

Promise sings to me,

Promise haunts me – saying –

“ There is something more”.

So again, I stand in so many ways torn between Hope and despair. I quietly suffer and endure life. I do find my path through which to travel this confusing maze.

And still — Promise is a light, an invitation to turn in, to Believe.

Will I entrust my life to the Call?

Will I choose to recklessly abandon the compromises I have learned?

Will I rise up and chase down the God breathed  desire in my heart – to be known fully;

to know expansively;

to meet His gaze;

to be undone by Love?

To release myself to the glory of Promise and see life change and finally know I am who I was called to be.


Author – Bill Tidsbury