Mystery flowing

When I met her I just knew-

I could see it in her eyes-

she just seemed to be alive,

to all that’s good and  true.

She smiled in such an easy way,

She graced the world with peace.

She opened life to others.

She caressed it with her gentleness.


Life communicates it’s essence,

Whether dark and full of fear,

or in close encounters shining light.

In that moment when our souls meet,

we can often strip veneers.

Live that’s lived in seeing,

the wonder and the song of now,

can bring a mystery flowing

from heaven’s throne to mourning sighs.


She, the one so full of life,

was also torn by sorrow.

Her dear departed daddy lay,

beneath a somber cover of clay.

Her grief was real, and so I reached,

I touched in grace – felt the pain.

United in life, yet mourning loss,

we stood, two souls amazed and near.

And then we parted, two different ways!

I wonder what the moment meant

when seen from there beyond the grave?

Author  – Bill Tidsbury