Good Morning!

How to start my day, as the sun reaches out to play, across the wall and slowly say,I’m alive – to walk again with  wonder spun?

    To see a delicate butterfly,

iridescent in blue, flitting across the landscape dancing with no dance floor in view.

To drink in the surge of the wave form,                      cresting and crashing ashore,

playfully racing to greet, each glint of its journey’s end.

Sinking in gentle warm water,

embracing the salt as it swirls.

My face can only see blueness,

resting in ocean’s caress.

Flowers that wave in the breezes,

visually shouting their song,

laughing in all of the glory,

this day has only begun!

Branches as massive as tree trunks, lazily stretching to shade, sun dappled shadows now playing beneath a sultry hot sky.

Winged creatures now soar unending,

circling in endless slow flight,

weaving the currents that loft them,

into patterns that capture my sight.

Life is ever before me, offering hope each new day.

 Rising – with courage now calling, feeling my cool shower’s spray!


I live gently knowing,

Beauty’s gift comes in a sigh.

Whispers that comfort and hold me,

my Lover’s birthright says “Hi!!”

Author – Bill Tidsbury


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