Strength on the journey

Where does strength come from, when I am digging deep? At times it seems ephemeral and disappears as quick as steam. Other times, I find it sits as if with bated breath, just waiting for the invitation to change my helplessness.

Strength,is really quite mysterious as it strolls through out my life. I seem to have it most, whenever I need it least! And then in times, when I’m desperate and so low (and wishing life would play) I find that it evaporates and all I have is clay!

At times, my strength does come in joy. It seems to seethe and roil, when my cup just overflows. There’s moxie in my strut and life’s so effortless ! Then there are the times, when all is settled and still, and in these quiet reflections, I find my trust is real. Strength wraps me lack a blanket and stills my heart with grace, I find a gentle knowing that triumphs o’er all I face.

Why can’t my strength be malleable? Why can’t I plan ahead? I want to safely say, I’ve got things covered – for this day! Yet, life gets complicated. It’s an act of faith. I need to trust you as my friend and hope in God again.

So once again I’m feeling weak, a cry arising shrill. I need to ask a favour, for strength along the way. I stumble blindly, needing help and wishing for a blessing strong. I lift my face, feel your caress, and drink in deep of that which flows, mysterious fountains,  granting freshness in my drought below.

Author – Bill Tidsbury