Is it Spirit or Magic?

I live in a world that longs for magic! I see the longing everywhere. It is found in movies, in video games and then sprinkled through out our media. It is captured in ads and in memes. It is a cry for solutions that fix pain and right wrongs inflicted against me. Magic opens pathways of escape and eliminates complexities in a simple stroke.

Magic involves the wonder of power. As a human being, I am intrigued by power, the ability to do something, to change something. I seek to exert control over forces that are malignant and “other” and I want to exert my desire and superimpose it on my world. I want my world to conform to my expectations – right or wrong. To put it bluntly, ultimately my fascination with magic is about my agenda and the longing to see it enforced! Many who actually would shudder to use the term “magic”, are actually eagerly seeking it – cloaked in much different terms!

True spirit is something different. For sure I can manipulate spirit to bend towards magic – it happens all the time. Yet true spirit is relational. It is forged in love. It flows out of a desire to give life away – not take it. It has its focus on releasing and empowering the originality and destiny in someone else. It honours and blesses. It delights in celebrating the wonder of you – who is so different from me. It invites me out of broken devastation and trauma and actually breathes a uniqueness known as redemption – a transformational newness. I need redemption! We all do!

This other dimensional reality of spirit is powerful and it is glorious. It transforms – not by outward magical imposition,but through internal intimacy and invitation. It is the difference between a sword fight and the electric moment when eyes meet, love flows and beauty is born in being. I don’t want magic, I long for the realization in my community of the vastness, electricity and eccentricity of life in the Spirit. It makes me smile!

Author – Bill Tidsbury