Searching, as I wander, looking into doors. I stop and sort of puzzle, why my seeing is unsure. I catch a glimpse of sparkles. I seek a subtle key. Yet always hear a whisper, I’m sitting on your knee!

It’s hard to find your way, when things aren’t well defined. It really’s quite confusing, when most around seem blind. When seeing, yet you stumble, and finding only grasps a wisp, why is it I keep seeking, when what I find seems limp?

And yet I’ve touched some music. I’ve sensed a glorious roar. It wakens all my senses. It calls me up to more. I know within I’m changing. I can feel the hidden song, it’s close to breaking outwards, I can’t wait to sing along.

So still, I sit unsettled. I’m tired yet somehow free. I sit here waiting quietly for the next hint on the breeze. I haven’t fully tasted. I’ve felt the hint and soared. I simply always wonder, where have I not yet explored!

Author – Bill Tidsbury