In a moment

In a moment, stop and feel. What is quick and what is real. When a flicker, seems to flash by, was it you or just was strange? All of time, found in one second. All my senses seem to flow. As I slowly turn and wonder, what brought shock into my frame? As I stumble, unexpected, as adrenal glands work their charm, in the timing of a heartbeat, can I know what gives me harm?

In a twinkle, as I’m captured, by the scene that opens wide. Can I reach into forever to keep this beauty still alive? As my gasp sounds forth in wonder, as the chance encounter flies, can I really fully capture, what transpired as life revived? When the fleeting seems to fill all, when I know, yet seek for more, can I simply, still be waiting or do I close my eyes and snore?

As you wink, my iris widens. Oh! I recognize you know, all that noisy commentary, racing round inside my head, somehow clearly has found a partner, so I laugh as my face goes red. There is synchronicity in timings, little glances that seem to flow. When two distant bodies, seem to orbit, common frames down here below. In the capture of congruence, as two souls find harmony, can that delicate ethereal tendril be forever frozen whole?

Then as moments pass behind you, in the clutter of time’s endless flow, what accumulates and pools in crannies , is it lost unknown and blurred? When it’s buried and attention wanders, will that flicker see the light of day? Then it rises with fresh new sparkle – Spirit’s gift – beauty’s moment lasts forever when its captured in a heart of clay!

Author – Bill Tidsbury