Trusting as I rest in the safety of your arms,

quiet in the sensing of serenity so strong.

Looking into eyes that are still and full of hope,

I twinkle, gently pleased with what I feel this day.


Yet, in those moments when pointy questions seem to rise,

speaking softly in the echo of my soul.

Queries that bring ripples and the sucking sounds of fear-

things that speak of “maybe”, only adding to the score.


Trust becomes embattled, clearly headed out the door,

Things begin to crack and then decay.

I am faced with confidence lying shattered on the floor,

My dreams are bleeding, likely stillborn, as I’m dying in dismay!


Yet, hope can still be certain, when anchored strong in love.

Love that is as fierce as lions, holding to the core.

Betrayal often circles built on lies and biting pain,

actually stealing trust from whence it came.


When in pain uncertain, when all seems lost in agony,

then is still the moment to trust again.

Love believes, and dreams while clinging to this thing,

I have seen you at your worst and still I see:


You’re all that’s beautiful,

Still, all that’s kind,

and all that’s carried me through to this time.


I sense,

Pain inexplicable,

Fear unavoidable,

shame that is despicable,

needing trust’s kiss once more.


Trusting, still believing, that together we can live,

I step into your arms and listen once again.

I know we’re both imperfect, but still so bright,

in hoping and believing we can travel in the night.

Author – Bill Tidsbury