The exactness of math is simple to see, when it is written in black on page that is free. However, the essence seems lost when it is written in sweat on the face of a man trying hard to find bread.

Yet even in commerce the sweat does transform and rapidly doubles the prize. When what was now one hundred, soon’s at two hundred, a light seems ignited and hope slowly dawns. When hope enters in, it also seems bound by the magic of this simple fact – that once you apply the workings of math, this hope seems to grow as fast as the wind.

It sweeps in its path, a wife and a child, and quickly lifts up a few neighbours too. There is gossip and whispers as eyes look beholding, a change taking place in real time. The story swings out and you know it’s now gone from something simple to a gesture  profound!

What once was just hope begins to transform and the sounds of laughter appear, there’s peace that seeps in, a little of grace and suddenly this thing that is community takes place. And still if you look, you can see with no fear, that quietly there in the background out there, continues this magic of multiplication’s fare!

It’s not hard to begin, it just takes some resolve and a wee bit of seed. A few gentle actions of love that give grace. A practical injection of tangible grace, a meal with some insight, an investment in strength, a belief that this life, can give momentum a space. It’s not a hand-out, but more a hand-up, as I invest rather than just give away. I look and believe in the possible good, of what endeavour can do if I give room for grace.

I take in my hand, the treasure I am, and give it away with some joy. I plant hard earned cash and kiss it good bye as I bury it deep in some need that’s forlorn. It’s buried and gone, yet never is lost, because soon this magic appears. I see something good blossom forth and unfold. I feel blessed as I’m now part of a much better world.

So step out today, just gently look up, and glance into someone’s sad eyes. As you lend them your hand, you’ll find that you have, helped them multiply what’s in their hand!

Author – Bill Tidsbury