Savoured slow

Pressures that call, then demand,

Insistence seems such a scam!

Pulling and scheming to find relief,

The battle is constant and never brief.

A simple decision can grant me space.

Choosing stillness, I shift my gaze-

now turning to brave the force that sways.

I’m choosing to breathe and stop the craze!

To know that I’m free, to simply be.

To breathe the aroma of life’s intent.

Sitting easy as your presence grows!

Life is a gift best savoured slow.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Wisdom’s fountain

Together we’re stronger,

both “experts” and “sheep” on the run.

When added together,

I filter that blather

and find a wisdom that sums.


the wisdom flows out from the science,


it rises within.

I dance in this mystery

while sailing through calm seas,

’till crisis stops me in shock.

My decks turn unstable,

this mind seem to quaver,

when storms roar by up above.

Yet learning form wisdom,

I sail to horizons,

while hugging tension with trust.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Faces that I see

All the faces that I see,

some so wrinkled, some so free.

Eyes that dance and twinkle brightly,

eyes that weep and seem so sore.

Each expression such a treasure,

gifts from life’s rich open source.

Blending easy in my spirit

mixing wine’s bouquet with more.

As I feel this journey’s weaving,

hearts within my history’s core.

I’m enriched and feel transcendent

drawn beyond by being’s that soar.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Threads of beauty

In the tumult of the hectic, in the rawness of running cold, it can seem turmoil’s ceaseless pounding robs away life’s treasured gold.

I can sense the thread of beauty, flowing through the crashing waves; in these glimpses of perfection, I can grasp – I’m not a slave.

When alone the turmoil thickens, then I feel the need to roam.  When I feel your hand enfold me, it is then I find my home.

Learning quiet, as I’m racing, it’s never easy, always rough. Yet, through gentleness in wisdom,  I find a peace that is enough.

I am strong, yet also needy. I am made to rest in  you. I can reach up to the mountains when I’m energized anew.

Life can so so very fleeting. It’s the joys that make it fly. Yet these moments, when remembered, call me deep into your eyes.

How I see you and I see me, it all flows in harmony. When I settle into stillness,  I’m transformed by mystery.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Trapped in a bubble,safe and secure,

the evils I know bring pain that’s routine.

My world is secure, it has limits and end,

I don’t have to worry about things I can’t bend.

Yet out there beyond, I sense a delight ,

the sparkle’s astounding and scares me with light.

The tug is intriguing, so winsome and cheery,

yet with it brings change so don’t want to hurry.


I’ve stepped out of bubbles, before in my youth.

I’ve sampled the vastness of life in the raw.

I’ve tasted delight and then grief that has seared.

So I’ve chosen this safety, even though it seems weird!

I know that I live in the waste of my fears.

I know that I’m drowning within my own tears.

I know that my heart feels shrivelled and cold.

Yet why can’t I go with this urge to be bold?


And so I sit aching, my heart groans and fights.

I know that I need love and hope that gives life.

I reach out with trembling, to grasp something new,

then withdrew in frenzy ‘cause fear’s monster grew!

So sitting with knees drawn and grief in my heart,

I wait here for someone to aide me to start.

I know I am ready, I’m needing to leave,

this bubble that’s trapped me behind walls of fear.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Small Tendrils

I am always taken by surprise by the effect that ambient social atmosphere’s have on me.

They impact me more than I realize. Usually it begins very subtly.

Small tendrils seem to seep into my experience.

My emotions begin to shift in subtle ways.

Little thoughts seem to intrude upon my day.

Innocuous promptings seem to shift my perceptions to align with that which dominates.


what was unconscious becomes conscious

– when my dislocation from my normal anchors, leaves me adrift.

I awaken in shock, not quite aware of what set me loose and drifting.


If I stay within a “needy” mindset, I find my perceptions only generate more confusion.


when I choose to process my realities within a spiritual dimension,

I find the elements that have shifted me, standing out in stark contrast to the things I hold dear.

These are the things that release my identity and freedom.

I choose again to reaffirm that which grants me grace


find the tendrils die off as I rise once again  – with clarity.

Author – Bill Tidsbury