Kissing imperfection


Command spoken.

Blessing framing reality.

Angel’s leap energizing life.

Spirit’s shower cascades in rainbows.

Wonder breathing possibility; despair’s curse silenced!

Electric realization of destiny unbound from fear.

Softened eyes seek dews glittering outlines.

Earth’s risk embraced by faith.

Intimacy’s solace – worth holding!

Hammer of Heaven

kissing imperfection –


Author – Bill Tidsbury


Deep within

There is a health that flows,

when time stands still,

and peace is real.

When deep within

I see reflected back to me –



There is a strength that builds,

when face to face

I feel your pull.

Where lives entwine,

I’m deep within a paradigm –

In community.


There is a bubbling spring

where twinkling eyes

compassion share.

You hold my hand.

I’m pulled by love and dance again-

with charity!


There is a life renewed

when angels call.

I sense your touch.

My heart leaps up.

I’m transformed ,breathless and then I see,

into eternity.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Where angels fear to tread

To paint a world where angels fear to tread,

never flows from violence, being messy or just “nice”.

It’s a place that’s full of choices and denial,

A place where encounters are very wild:

-the wonder of a passion still unknown,

-the glory of a stretching that stills my dread.

-the insight of a wandering wounded child,

-the brokenness of a lover left in ice.

There is a place of delicacy that’s fragile,

the slightest breath will leave it wrecked and strewn in a pile.

There is a glen of quiet that brings a hush while sub-sonic rumbles turn the dust to mush.

When sight is opened to the sky, and light bedazzles so that squints the eye,

when laser’s flash destroys the insight plain, and rips out fragments of retinas frame.

In a time that shifts and twists the plane, so knowing present shifts with future’s past.

If only once there would be a pause, in all the hell bent noisy rush.

Then I would surely paint, a place of life, of freshness and desire,

where angels fear to tread!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Anthem’s harmony


Heart’s need

Strong bicep flexing

Spirit’s present forceful declaration

Flowing movement, singing anthem’s harmony

Angelic host’s joyful echo opens heaven

Heaven’s throne room blessing a woman’s sacrifice

Holy ground answers, Spirit’s freedom flies

Passion partnered with trembling awe

Glory answers frozen immobility

Life’s sparking light

Twirling ascendance


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Seeing differently

Angels dancing; fierce light flashing; Glorious incandescent splendour consuming all!

Colour’s play in fractured light’s raging swirl;

Spiralling anthems soaring to the King on high.


Glory inherited


Angels bowing; awesome thunder quaking; Majesty’s weight bending creation’s frame!

Yearning’s essence  energizing birth’s fire;

Flowing humility poured out in worship’s silence.


Kissed by Love’s passion;


Broken worldling, joyous love flaming; passion soaring on redemption’s wings!

Valley’s shadows awed by sparkling incandescence;

Dancing essence soaring high – to die in His eyes.


Rapture proclaimed

Author – Bill Tidsbury