Dancing on the breath of the wind

From my Journals – in 2014

In a world of Spirit I am learning a place without words – that goes beyond words yet is so full of impact and meaning! Words can shape a direction but the power, vastness and beauty is so magnificent that all my soul and spirit can do is shake. I become undone before this One, this King whose presence swells and shifts everything.

I am invited in! I don’t even know where, only that it is with – this One who is love. This One becomes so vitally my Hope, my Life. In this presence I have my meaning, my context, and yet, I don’t intellectually know how this all fits into my small world. The pieces I sense are just so vast! Still, I know instinctively that they fit. I have experienced pieces meshing and it really is glorious. It makes something inside swell with happiness!

I’m loved, held and filled with destiny. This place is so full of delicacy and earth shaking power and they  are intermingled in this amazing inner world of spirit. It calls me to flow in life not strive. It draws me into a different way to live. I am aware of the impress of your seal of fire on my heart. It glows and vibrates and still it is intertwined within my smallness.

As a result I don’t want lifeless words, activity that falls to the ground still borne! I yearn for my breath to be full of the essence of presence – You! You are vibrant Spirit, life giving, tender, gentle and yet earth shaking in majesty.

So – I am a son born in light, dancing to your touch and moving on the breath of the wind.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Sensibilities delight

Soft; transparent; vulnerable:

these dance with sensibilities delight!

They rest as if embraced

within the arms of gentle love.

They do not rise to dominate.

They never shred and rage.

They fill the world with wonder,

flowing out of trust and grace.


They quell before the heat of hate.

seemingly crumbling into dust

as selfish greed strides forth.

Yet in the midst of turmoil’s pain

they kiss and heal stillborn’s dream!

Dull hearts are then enraged and shamed,

choking off forgotten longing’s song.

They felt this grace when mother smiled.

It echoes still, while comfort’s kiss is lost.


Trust is a bed rock firm and sure.

It frames a world with beauty’s hue.

It settles softly into silk

and opens wide communion’s milk.

Trust dances free and never stabs.

Its laughter flows as fragrant wine.

It grows majestic as the dawn

and leaves the delicacy of lace behind.

Soft, transparent, vulnerable,

This truth is lively and sublime!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Words unformed

Spirit spins a hazy vision

as it calls out in the night.

Words unformed must take on substance

when a soul can not take flight.

In the churning mess of chaos

as new sounds coalesce in form,

then the beauty of orchestration

fills a score with Life’s delight.

Spirit settles into secrets

almost haunting with their flair

as the ego seeks to banish

all of generosity’s varied fare.

When I rise, identity’s sparkle

leaps in joy out to the earth.

Then the drab does kiss the reason

for the song that breathes new birth.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Treasured

It’s hard to see past trauma’s dross.

The pain and shame that fill with loss.

Yet love’s sweet fire sings beauty’s gold,

when pain’s scar’s filled with filagree so bold.

A treasure found is love’s caress.

A treasure chest that makes me blessed!

A richness swells and fills my space,

of all I’ve dreamed and lost as waste.

I dance with joy on clouds so bright

– identity spelled in love’s delight.

I’m treasured in reflections gaze –


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Free to be

Vast! Stillness, open space

lifts my being into grace.

As eye meets distance and rebounds,

my spirit grasps

and poised forever on the brink,

I smoothly flow as if a speck!


So, I dance in hyper-space,

intertwined in love that’s lace.

My heart disperses. Scattered wide,

my being weaves;

while conscious streams, as golden threads,

form beauty and replace all dreads.


Still! While inner negations yield,

presence sings, calling sweetly.

Knowing slips within unknowing.

My spirit’s subtle!

Blossom’s grace embraces fire,

and free to be – now flying higher!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Bushwhacking – A definition( http://www.freedictionary) – “To force one’s way through a forested or overgrown area where no path exists:” “Often on the verge of starvation, they bushwhacked through muskeg, forded ice-cold streams and rivers … determined to conquer a daunting land deemed impassable”“(Brenda Koller)

There is always a well travelled trail – a highway.

It goes somewhere “important”, popular or theoretically crucial.

If I see myself only through other’s eyes, I am driven to “assume” that areas with no trails are only waste places or impossibly inaccessible. We label them ”Here there be monsters” on the map of life!

Life is after all “only about” what our “culture” and our friends have chosen to praise and admire.

Or – is it?

If life is a process, and if my journey has anything at all to do with my own uniqueness, then, my path must at times appear like buswhacking!

This implies solitude, struggle, many unknowns and periods of being lost!

These aspects of life are not glamourized by many. In fact, they can be downright scary!

Yet, the vast majority of my life’s encounters with exceptional beauty, radical moments of self discovery and incredulous joy, have been off the beaten path.

The courage to step off the “chosen” path will always open the door to wonder, curiosity and discovery, if, I am not running in panicked flight ( Fear is a monster!).

When I choose this deviation from the comfortable, I meet my own uniqueness because my Creator has been waiting to meet me there!

Drink deep of the wine of being exceptional – step off the highway!

Author – Bill Tidsbury