The message

I hint , I speak,

yet still the space between

seems destined to remain.

The fog, the smog

damps beauty’s winsome voice.

You look, you wink,

I really still don’t get it-

as silence chokes my heart.


Connect, reject,

what difference does it make?

I just don’t get the message!

Your eyes, my heart,

they miss each other’s gestures.

I sigh, I hurt,

still puzzled by the distance.

This trust – it’s hanging by a thread!


To live, to be,

It’s so much more than breathing.

I yearn to just be understood.

I hope, I dream,

to sense the quickening lightening.

I laugh, I sing,

when in transparent moments,

I meet you and I’m bare.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Peace in the journey

Peace for the mind appears like a matrix.

It’s pieces are tidy and loose ends aren’t frayed.

It’s beauty arises through the flowing of symmetry

that gifts my journey, paths that have clarity.


Peace for the heart is the warmth of embrace,

in the music of feelings that kiss healing grace.

It’s beauty arises from wellsprings of love,

that sparkle around us and shield us each day.


Peace for the spirit is a lake set so still.

Its infinite glory frames my essence to “be”.

It’s beauty arises from  life’s light that births,

all of the wonder of life’s fractal mirth.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Solitude’s intent


bares the soul,

and opens wide the silence

that quiets raucous noise.




clamouring voices within

that stir up hidden fears.




as I lose sight of living

and only seek to please.



comes as  breath.

Electric pulse that frees my heart

to be the hidden me.




vitality of being

that only I can see.



yet in love,

with my perfect counterpart.

Together we create.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Sparkle’s blaze


Eyes that see,

full of light,

beautiful and bright,

looking ahead.



Hopes enshrined,

in eyes that glow.

Sparkling essence

that overflows.



Sparkle’s blaze

across my gaze.

Fierce eyes strong,

they make me brave.



Tears now leaking,

eyes still weeping,

tragedy’s loss

marking a soul.



Stories now seen

as eyes grow dim,

fading stream in

destiny’s whim.



Perception swirls,

flooding with dreams-

this bright mind’s

ecstatic stream.



Beauty that haunts,

reflected in vision.

Astounded awe

now has a mission.



Eyes stare,

in wonder seeing.

Setting this free –

luminescent being!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Being and Connection

Life is clearly about relationship and yet relationships remain mysterious!

The mystery can be buried by so many things and so seem confusing. However, at root, life is about being in you and you being in me. This fundamental reality must be felt, breathed, and become enmeshed in my very core.

There is a harmonic resonance to life that must be listened to. Whether the metaphor is one of dance or music, this interplay must be the wellspring of all thought and words, all motion and actions and all dreams.

My being is in you and your being is in me!

I flow out of who you are and your flow enhances who I am. I am most vibrantly myself when I sink into you.

So I ask out of who you are and realize the manifestation of you. You accomplish your works as I choose my actions. As you flow, I in turn realize the splendour and glory of who I am – unique, beloved, powerful and free!

Author – Bill Tidsbury