Kids and bullfrogs

Massive bullfrog sitting in the shade,

minding his own as the heat holds sway,

Along comes a boy and wouldn’t you know,

the frog’s lost his chance to doze today.


The bullfrog’s big, the child you can see,

wants to know how long his legs may be.

He soon finds a stick and with just one tap

this boring day’s music turned into a rap.


The bull frog’s wise, the boy has a will,

the frog flips a flop as he dives down the hill.

He splashes with aplomb in a nice green scum

hoping he can hide or just play dumb.


The little boy’s quick, he’s learning with glee

that one push from a stick makes big things flee.

He probes and he pokes and carefully explores,

till the water erupts with a beast that soars!


The bullfrog decides, he no longer can play,

so he heads to the hills to hide under some clay.

He scrambles and jumps until quickly he finds

a quiet cave to protect his behind.


The moral you see, is plain I may say,

one flips a day by appreciating delay.

To open our eyes and curiously engage,

to laugh and romp in my day’s shifted page!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Small ones

Child’s view, shifts the world,

Small delights bring eyes that glow.

Hearts that sing,creating portals,

Adoring eyes shine through my soul.


Frustration’s shriek can pierce the wonder-

-learning that my will can’t force;

My playful brother’s not soft putty,

in my grand imaginations show!

Eyes that weep with little bruises,

it’s the bumps that startle the heart.

Comfort needed, embrace accepted,

memories bound – we’re not apart!


Sudden fear as buzzing critters,

swiftly intercept creative play,

Rescuers are so heroic,

when the wind drives wasps away.

Soon forgotten through giggles freedom,

Life continues in happy song.

Curious questions, open insight,

In a journey just newly sprung.


Resting, hoping, safe and grateful,

Love’s abode is future’s dream.

Child’s trust loosens my hearts fountain,

treasuring small ones crazy memes!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Children at play

Auburn mantle, flying in the breeze, imagination sparkles as delight unfolds.

Wonderful ballads acted out with glee, as children’s delight transforms a curb side sea.

City’s busy residential maze,opens with magic, as wings spread wide,

Siblings laughter and mighty glorious roars, announce with joy, that mighty fear’s been  neatly fried!

Monsters rage as mighty champions roam, flying high in victory’s endless song,

Tender hearts sharing, learning life’s routines – shaping focus through experimental scenes.

Wandering back slowly, home’s warmth ahead, stomach’s grumble shouting, “time to eat now!”

Hands held close – companionship’s supreme. Hearts sharing victory, make dancing dreams leap free!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Kindergarten’s hope in a broken world

Angry boy,

running wild,

hardly knowing what it means

to be loved!


Little boy,

lashing out,

always guarding his small self

from others.


Quiet girl,


little hand creating art





hugs of love with brilliant eyes.



Crying heart.

Memory shocks!

Child saw death and can’t forget-

Now peaceful.


Laughing boy,

making friends,

finding safety in a room

filled with care.




Grace changing the future now!

Pledging hope.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Hearing differently

I used to sleep when I was awake! I often missed the sound of quiet desperation in the hearts around my busy life. I used to think that answers always spoke perfection and silenced all dispute! Then I woke up and realized I needed to hear life sing!

I went to sleep last night,listening to the dogs bark. It was intriguing as I counted over 20 distinct voices in the course of drifting into dreams! Funny, how a person walking down a street creates a symphony!

I woke up last night, feeling strange! All the dogs were silent! Mind you, it was after 2 AM! Even my friends the crickets and the frogs were silent. So, I enjoyed silence with still night breezes flowing over my head as I drifted back to sleep!

I woke up this morning as the light was dawning. The call to wakefulness came from roosters crowing announcing the demise of night. Of course the splash of songbirds that awaken the day are the perfect celebration to being alive in  a new day!

I remember my last night in Canada on Thursday. The walls were cold and chilly, the windows closed  yet with the sighing sound of a cold wind outside. Inside, if I stepped near, I could hear the sweet sound of children dreaming!

I live between two worlds, and two realities. One is cold and wealthy, the other is warm and quite distressed. The worlds collide in my head as I shift from quiet- to constant vocalization, from ample provision – to desperate poverty. Yet in both worlds, life sings beautifully. I just need to hear differently!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Love is gentle and kind

Christmas is a time of year when culturally we seek to create and return to lost places of warmth and connectivity. We yearn for the wonder of laughter and true heart connections. We long for a daddy’s warm embrace and his delightful cry of approval: we twinkle with a mom’s heartfelt hug and kiss, eyes that say you are still the best thing that came into her life since sliced bread; we anticipate siblings who run together to embrace and reflect on secrets shared and adventures taken.

We come together to remind ourselves that relationships matter –  to celebrate that love still exists and that I have a place and identity in family. To often, the pace of our culture and the conflicted expectations of our desperations, move me out of creativity and joy and into conflict and triggers. Soon, instead of delighting and laughing, I am tearing down and shredding. The conversation veers to – “Oh yeah,well I remember when…” Hurt and negativity so easily takes centre stage again. Leaving laughter to weep in the corner.

Violence captures attention because it so easily shoves itself into centre stage. Negativity and criticism also delights to stand out and somehow spray cold water all over any warm celebration. Every young child knows that it is far easier to use our creative urge to tear something down rather than to build. Ingenuity and artistic creation flow only when we begin to develop a little bit of maturity and control over the larger forces that course through our lives.

It is intriguing to watch a child in the throes of laying hold of creative expression! The light goes on and suddenly pieces start to be joined rather than torn apart. Invariably though, there comes a moment when the delicacy of creation exceeds the muscular control of the young body and something that was beginning to form collapses. The dismay is written large and then the reaction can easily be regression and aggression. A simple exercise in tearing the whole thing apart – life is just too difficult!

Love comes gently. Love rests on grace. Family needs our collective support to say we will hold our peace when an enemy comes in to steal the treasure of love that we all hoped for. We do need each other. We do need to share the kiss of kindness – especially with those closest to us.

May your day be full of peace. May your heart overflow with joy. May the wonder of the season set your feet dancing and may you know the quiet security of the treasure of who you are.

I am created with purpose! I have destiny written all over my life. My possibilities don’t hinge on other’s words, they flow out of my unique design. I am a gift to the world. I am a blessing to my family. I have personality that has a sparkle and flare that no one else can replicate. I have so much more to discover. If this is true of me, then it is true of every other member of my family or community. This is a day to celebrate wonder! Let us celebrate each other and the One who made us each a spectacular facet of His image!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Children’s eyes full of wonder – clear, wakeful believing, lavishly trusting those who receive. Spontaneous and frivolous, endearingly infectious, they swiftly sink into warmth’s luxuriant embrace. Young siblings entangled, holding and wrestling, kissing and fighting with all of their hearts. Impish twins closer, even mysterious, syncing and smoothly dancing love’s merry song. Giggles, fill spaces, soaring infectiously, creating wonder in one who awakes. Life pirouettes sweetly, sparkling and twinkling, while joy stirs up with magic this day.

Treasure  the wonder, feel the delight. Wonder’s crazy invitation to believe when I dread. My moment once lifeless, the dormant now effusive, waiting to kiss me with joy once again. Each child reminds me, each twinkle enlivens, the deadness that’s birthed in protected old souls. To laugh with abandon, to wrestle with chuckles, to twirl and forget the echoes of shame. I give myself mercy, I give myself rest, I pause to let little ones tickle my ear. Their whispers will spark me, their poke will awake me, and suddenly, crazily, I’m child once more!

Author – Bill Tidsbury