Drink Deep

Drink deep of life!

Life is real not jaded. Life is vibrant and embraces hope.

Life sees past the debris of circumstances and invites curiosity!

Life delights in twinkle, in reality – the grittiness of the journey and yet always opens the door of hope.


Life dwells in joy, in peace and in the hope of what others can be through grace.

Life shares a belief in others; Invites others up to the image of what they think they have lost.


To speak Life is to create a harmonic that has to shift things within each soul that hungers.

Speaking Life awakens the fire.

Speaking Life startles the spirit within!

Life says all is not lost.

I am heard; I’ve been responded to; I am not dead.

Vitality still has an echo within me!




I believe!

I believe in the beauty of Life.

I know that I know that Life is a gift and that You are its author.

I know that each expression of Life is a treasure.

It is worth everything to awaken Life –

 to delight in the startling wonder   ———   of Life emergent.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


I see anew

Different ways of being,

perceptions shift and change.

What seems so natural to me,

is strange and cumbersome

when another dances with me.


Actions bring reactions,

irritations loom quite large.

I can not seem to grasp –

your thinking is deranged!

I hide – I’ve met a beast outside!


My  mind so quickly ciphers,

that your seeking  to abuse.

So my best protection’s

to avoid the strange in you

and so be safe – secure, alone!


Yet then I see within you,

an innocence divine!

You truly are releasing,

a strange shift in my pride.

I see again – but what surprise!


Curiosity finds an answer,

when I listen to your sighs.

You really are creating,

a harmonious ensemble

to my perfect enterprise!


Mental mindsets box me,

within simplistic jails.

So easy just to ridicule,

your tune which I can’t hear.

Until unchained, I hear anew!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Kids and bullfrogs

Massive bullfrog sitting in the shade,

minding his own as the heat holds sway,

Along comes a boy and wouldn’t you know,

the frog’s lost his chance to doze today.


The bullfrog’s big, the child you can see,

wants to know how long his legs may be.

He soon finds a stick and with just one tap

this boring day’s music turned into a rap.


The bull frog’s wise, the boy has a will,

the frog flips a flop as he dives down the hill.

He splashes with aplomb in a nice green scum

hoping he can hide or just play dumb.


The little boy’s quick, he’s learning with glee

that one push from a stick makes big things flee.

He probes and he pokes and carefully explores,

till the water erupts with a beast that soars!


The bullfrog decides, he no longer can play,

so he heads to the hills to hide under some clay.

He scrambles and jumps until quickly he finds

a quiet cave to protect his behind.


The moral you see, is plain I may say,

one flips a day by appreciating delay.

To open our eyes and curiously engage,

to laugh and romp in my day’s shifted page!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

It is time!

Wisdom has taken her stand. She calls out – it is time!

The gentle whisperer calls – I feel it! I’m yearning -I know – I’m invited, in quiet instalments to become and step into more. I begin to move, breaking with status quo, opening windows to explore, needing to find answers, that hold out hope for Life. So I find I’m moving in newness, moving in currents. I’m shifting the blinders that have helped me hold pain at bay. The current is broadest  and deepest in places that most seem unsettled and losing their way. It is not time to cling onto, it is not time to snooze. It is the adventure of change that invites. It asks each to step out, to go without knowing, just sensing that something is opening doors.

The doors are unlocked. Things impossible are found. Movement is not defined by what has happened before! The risk is the greatest when the call is the deepest because radical has never looked this way before. Conventions will struggle. The wise will abhor the ventures that breakthrough unexpected borders. Creativity is living, outside of the boxes. It is growing in empty lots that have been neglected and spurned.

The power of living must be believed to bear fruit. It isn’t the knowing who are able to see. It isn’t about numbers, it isn’t about process! It is about giving You room to be free. This isn’t about leaders. This is not about force. This is all about people who have encountered the shock of no floor. To step out into nothing, to walk in the air, to experience unnatural and laugh and just be. The timing is crucial, it is never tomorrow, it is about “now” as you step out to soar.

The running are breathing! The flying are resting! The curious, a spring that just pours!

The call is incessant, for those who can hear. It never repeats and always is near. It’s always in motion, so follow as you will, to find the next possible, an outlet that fills. Hunger is drinking. Thirst is for seeing. Yet those who are settled in purpose – flash by in their rush!

So move with the wind. Quiet and still.  Look into eyes and find those that hold life. Dance to the music. Laugh with your being. Delight in each breath that sparkles your toes. It may not make sense. They may call you a child. Yet Living is worth breaking your dungeons set in stone.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

An invitation to rest

As I travel back and forth between cultures, I am most impacted by the hurry and pressure that I sense when I return to North America. We each live in a world of our own choosing. Yet, to many of us, it feels like we live driven by others. We live involuntarily under pressure and stress. Our deadlines kill us! The longing of our heart, the dream of our fantasies is to “get away”. We speak of the ideal of an early retirement. A break from the crazy reality most of us live in. We long for rest. We long for peace.

I can not be in tranquility when I continually trigger my fight or flight reflexes! When I distrust those around me and expect “something bad” looming in my future, I am forced to act. Soon I am running with no clear destination – but I am in motion and busy juggling things that are flying about in my life. How do I stop?? Why can’t I realize my yearning for rest?

I find it hard to acknowledge fear! I have many words for it. I can speak of achieving my goals for financial security – which is another term for fear, or speak of the importance of not missing out on an opportunity – which is also fear.

I am constantly being invited to choose fear as the foundation of my present moment.  And the crazy thing is that most fears are actually a lie, a fabrication that I have never really taken a close look at!!

Or – I can choose to breathe deeply and look at my present moment, the experience I am passing through and ignoring as I run.

Have I breathed deeply of the crisp fall air? Felt the luxury of a warm sunbeam? Have I stopped for a moment to wonder at the beauty of the changing seasons, the glory of a reddened leaf, the sky that looses its haze and turns “crisp”? Have I stopped to see the glory of the sunset, or tasted the wonder of clean refreshing water? Have I marvelled at the complexity of the engineering that has given me safe transit and beautiful highways, soaring buildings and sparkling reflective glass? Have I stopped and seen myself – a wonder of experience and dreams and possibilities?

Have I looked into the eyes of a child, and seen the vulnerability and curiosity that explores our shared world? Have I stopped by a play area and heard the delightful laughter, the joy of children giggling and playing? Have I taken time to hold someone’s hand and just “be” with them – to feel warmth, to slow down and breathe?

A deep breath and a moment to consider, why do I choose to live at a run? What fear have I not examined that is robbing my life of my present moment?

It is my moments that build my future. If I don’t take time for them, in the end I will have things, but will never have me and never have been intimate with you!!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Living fluidly.

How we picture or frame things affects how we relate to it.

What if truth were best seen as water?

Truth is like water in that it is pervasive and required in all aspects of life. Without water, life as we know it can’t exist.It expresses itself as comfortably in trees as in humans. So diversity is at core, part of its expression – so truth rightly understood demonstrates amazing capacity to be consistent within itself yet be present in many configurations. Water is not usually a weapon of choice! It is not hard – except when frozen. Frozen truth can be used as a weapon, yet in its very frozenness we quickly render it obsolete! Water fills the air as humidity and yet fills the oceans to great depths. It percolates through rock and soil – it is amazing how it forms the fabric of our world. So truth, as life giving substance is entwined with all reality.

Continuing on with the metaphor then, to see someone vibrantly expressing truth, is not to see them armed with many swords, or tools nor books, but rather to envision someone who is healthy, well hydrated – not parched! It is someone who is not sickly but full of vitality and joy. Truth isn’t so much found by grasping at it as if it were a sword ( who can grasp the ocean!) Truth is found by dwelling in awareness, in harmony. That is, someone well adjusted to their environment. A picture of this is the freedom that would come from swimming in the ocean with gills and fins! To breathe water and not die.

So it seems that often to know truth I am called to be transformed. This challenges my rigid certainty that protects me from change. Yet to live, is to change, to grow and to expand. Often when I am most uncomfortable with the circumstances of my life, unjust as they can be , there are still hints that prod me to recognize that it is time for change so that I can live in truth – in life.  If I look to see with clarity, my challenges speak out that I need transformation! Truth always invites us into curiosity. To learn, to grow, to know. Welcome to living fluidly!!

Author – Bill Tidsbury