Will you join me

I glanced up high ,

the sky’s so blue!

It such a perfect hue!

It captures light

and then reflects

the wonder of this earth –

as if to say

it really is

a gift!


I stopped and heard

the wind that blew.

It tickled me

as if it knew

just how to brush my ear!

I feel alive

as with my eyes

I drink in colour’s wine

and sing!


I laughed within,

I think I’m buzzed!

This world is quite unique.

There’s ants and bugs,

and little ducks,

that cause my eyes to glow.

This gift of life,

I hold it high-

and dance!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Hope’s bright head

When harsh things erupt and unexpected pain slips onto the stage. I writhe in shock and wonder what I’ve lost. A voice arises blaming, so full of scorn. “I could have seen this coming if I had but been warned.” I struggle with the weight of loss, the shame and voiceless dread. I wonder how I could have been so sure and now I’m dead. My hope is cast upon the ground and writhes as life bleeds into grey.

And somewhere deep within, this crazy haunting whisper comes. That out there somewhere is  a source that can make silver out of dread. The wild thing stirs up hope’s bright head, and in the midst of pain, I hear a distant echo so beautiful that it hurts. I wince and wish it would just leave me be, I can not bear this hint of grace. This prospect of an end to strife that would make all this hardship birth a glorious life – is hardest to endure.

Mercy is all but lacking when accusations fling their spite. The searing pain of sharpened guilt flays all my heart and soul. I struggle to walk within what’s dead! My fingers pluck at lifeless frays that seem to tatter as I reach – and all I have within my grasp is hopeless dust and ashes flimsy substance dissolving even as I stare.

And then caresses brush my heart. My spirit lifts with such a start. Mystery that stirs up life’s electric thrill has leaped upon the stage. I look at eyes that hold my heart. I sense a song that speaks my grief. I feel this heart wring out my bitter dregs. I’m not alone – I find relief. This solitude’s forgotten chains have shattered loud.  I’ve awakened  as a dance begins inside my heart while silly things play wonder’s symphony.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Dandelion freckles

Brilliant freckles on the lawn;

glowing yellow, bright and fun.

Children love to pick and hold

common weeds that are so bold!


Soon the brilliance has been snuffed;

brightest colour now white fluff.

As the breezes flick and play,

little seeds just float away.


Cycles fill my world with zest.

Colours fade but seeds then sprout.

As I shift and dance in flight,

hope dreams big in fresh delight.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Oh so free

Small parrots, loud parrots, flocking declare-

“we are the owners of all that is air!”

If life could be measured only by sound,

then surely their claim

would be their’s all year round!


Small lizards, fast lizards sitting in sun.

lying in pleasure  except when they run!

If life’s delight could tolerate heat,

then all of my memories

could be sampled still sweet!


Small child, bright child, swings unaware,

Singing so blissful without any care.

If all of my focus can dance oh so free,

then sparkles aplenty

will caress those like me!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

“New” begins again

First time new – something so powerful, something so wonderful! A birth, a fresh idea, an invention. Something startling and never seen before. It bursts upon the scene with welcome and joy.

However, what astounds me  is the crushed and broken.

Hidden treasure waiting to be found! Something discarded, lost, and forgotten. So much sorrow and hopelessness, trapped within a fragile skin of consciousness.

Always looking – always longing for what?

The sparkle of the new, the wonder of freshness! Always seen, never touched.  So flows the heartless brokenness of loss.

Yet, “new” begins again!

I’ve seen the wonder of light. the joy of crushed fragments settling into patterns, Beauty for ashes framing wonder! Newness comes alive and hope springs into being.

Hope bubbles delightedly, sparkles in the sunshine. Breezes waft away the stench of death. Fragrance fills the air, curious vibrancy activates expectancy as beauty once again dances upon the stage of life.

Freshly, creatively new!

This is the power of Life; the power of Spirit; the meaning of resurrection!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

I didn’t know

I need , I hear, a word of praise.

I drink, I glow, it feeds my soul.

I’m shocked, I’m stopped, could this be so?

I shake it off, “it couldn’t be!”


I need, I see, a smile of love.

I grin, I laugh, I feel the hug.

I twist, I ask – can this be real?

I hide within, alone today.


I need, I sense, a gentle touch.

I’m warmed, I’m blessed, by just that brush.

I look, I’m caught – Is this your face?

I can not hide, you’re in my space!


I need, I love, what youI didhave done.

I wake, I twirl, inside my dream.

I hope, I reach, Is this my place?

I did not know, I dance when free!

Author – Bill Tidsbury