Dreams still shine

Dirty faces,

unkempt hair,

children playing

while despair skulks

ready to maul hearts.


Dirt floors,

yet still swept clean!

Woman struggles,

keeping things neat,

as life leaks out.


Eyes bright,

sparkles dance;

dreams still shine,

even as

shame roars its lies.


Sun shines,

grace lives!

Gentle smile

sits in the dust

as fierce love blooms.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Light makes me grin

i sit inside, my soul enclosed,

The windows barred,

the doors secured.

The outside world it flashes by,

but i’m within

and so i hide.


The light i have, is rather dim.

it flickers some,

and smoulders lots.

The risk is great, to open up,

be seen as me –

even as i cry.


Yet trapped alone, the echoes boom;

i can’t live life

alone, untuned!

With cautious moves, and hope’s small flame,

break the catch

on shutter’s gloom.


The sky is blue, the sun’s on fire.

My soul swells bright,

with sun’s delight.

I peer without, so few look in!

Yet, deep within

light makes me grin.


The treasures many,scattered round,

they glow with sparkles

and astound!

I’m captured fresh, by who I am:

resplendent life,

with much less strife!


I’m free to dance, the breezes laugh,

my air is fresh,

my world is lush!

The ones who hear, my music play

look in with wonder

and they say-


Will you come teach us how to play!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Breathing again

Blindness comes in many forms,

its shackles smooth

with links like lace.

The sweet constraint is my delight

as its embrace holds me so tight!

When ‘er some fool disturbs my ease,

I rise with fierce proclivity,

to set them straight or eliminate,

this source electric

that wakens things

that I had hoped would sleep and snore.


This shocking current that swept within,

has shone a light on all that’s dim.

The shackles bind and links they grind,

as now my monsters make life unkind.

I find the rawness in my throat

feels almost if I just might choke.

The cry within just wants to rage,

to lash out blindly and break my cage.

But I have learned that if I dare,

release what’s there and be so bare,

I’m only sickened, by this “me” so rare.


Yet now a hand that’s brave and kind,

is by my side and helps me unwind.

This one is sure and wavers not,

he seems to think what I can not!

He paints a “me”, I think I’ve lost,

this one is bright and laughs a lot.

This “me” that’s lived beneath my cage,

has been invited out on stage!

I’ve always dreamed that I could dance

but didn’t believe I had a chance,

until today I breathed again – and see!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Vulnerability births

Fragile silk

smoothly flows across my skin.

Eyes, so open

soothe my soul with liquid gold.

Hope alights!

Possibility’s desire seeks to peek,

through the tangled web of ancient wounds,

while fragile soul

soars within transparency’s embrace.


Vulnerability’s silky pull births spirit’s breath.

Life’s vitality, like silk’s caress, awakens desire.


Should calloused heart tear this silken breath,

would beauty’s eyes run tears?


The dance begun,

dear heart’s invited in to sense,

the wonder of your eyes

while lifted up though still unseen.

No longer hard,

and jailed within an ancient bitter lair;

simply free to be,

unique creativity dancing on air.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Grace

I’m often startled by love’s face!

The flowing glow that gives me grace.

I couldn’t pay – yet here I am

restored from loss with fresh new sauce!

It comes unseen and yet – surprised!

I opened wide and then received

what I needed to be me, and free!

Obligations died stillborn;

this grace birthed with delight.

Her hand extended, with eyes so full

of promised love and whispered joy.

I choose to dance and fling away

the guilt which claims a debt I mourn.

It’s love’s grace that sets me free.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Moments flow

Stepping into what come next,

I’m aware that mystery’s there.

What I know will soon be past;

what is coming, never lasts!

Moments flow through fingertips,

smooth as glass and soft as silk.

In that moment in-between,

– how does meaning flow within?


When I choose to not attend,

precious gold looks old – not bold!

When I reach with light caress,

spectrum’s palate creates a splash.

Captured brightly in the flow,

life’s delight comes in to glow.

Moments in the slippery stream,

leap to dance in future’s fame.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Dancing on the breath of the wind

From my Journals – in 2014

In a world of Spirit I am learning a place without words – that goes beyond words yet is so full of impact and meaning! Words can shape a direction but the power, vastness and beauty is so magnificent that all my soul and spirit can do is shake. I become undone before this One, this King whose presence swells and shifts everything.

I am invited in! I don’t even know where, only that it is with – this One who is love. This One becomes so vitally my Hope, my Life. In this presence I have my meaning, my context, and yet, I don’t intellectually know how this all fits into my small world. The pieces I sense are just so vast! Still, I know instinctively that they fit. I have experienced pieces meshing and it really is glorious. It makes something inside swell with happiness!

I’m loved, held and filled with destiny. This place is so full of delicacy and earth shaking power and they  are intermingled in this amazing inner world of spirit. It calls me to flow in life not strive. It draws me into a different way to live. I am aware of the impress of your seal of fire on my heart. It glows and vibrates and still it is intertwined within my smallness.

As a result I don’t want lifeless words, activity that falls to the ground still borne! I yearn for my breath to be full of the essence of presence – You! You are vibrant Spirit, life giving, tender, gentle and yet earth shaking in majesty.

So – I am a son born in light, dancing to your touch and moving on the breath of the wind.

Author – Bill Tidsbury