Light makes me grin

i sit inside, my soul enclosed,

The windows barred,

the doors secured.

The outside world it flashes by,

but i’m within

and so i hide.


The light i have, is rather dim.

it flickers some,

and smoulders lots.

The risk is great, to open up,

be seen as me –

even as i cry.


Yet trapped alone, the echoes boom;

i can’t live life

alone, untuned!

With cautious moves, and hope’s small flame,

break the catch

on shutter’s gloom.


The sky is blue, the sun’s on fire.

My soul swells bright,

with sun’s delight.

I peer without, so few look in!

Yet, deep within

light makes me grin.


The treasures many,scattered round,

they glow with sparkles

and astound!

I’m captured fresh, by who I am:

resplendent life,

with much less strife!


I’m free to dance, the breezes laugh,

my air is fresh,

my world is lush!

The ones who hear, my music play

look in with wonder

and they say-


Will you come teach us how to play!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Journey into Love: Grace

I’m often startled by love’s face!

The flowing glow that gives me grace.

I couldn’t pay – yet here I am

restored from loss with fresh new sauce!

It comes unseen and yet – surprised!

I opened wide and then received

what I needed to be me, and free!

Obligations died stillborn;

this grace birthed with delight.

Her hand extended, with eyes so full

of promised love and whispered joy.

I choose to dance and fling away

the guilt which claims a debt I mourn.

It’s love’s grace that sets me free.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Moments flow

Stepping into what come next,

I’m aware that mystery’s there.

What I know will soon be past;

what is coming, never lasts!

Moments flow through fingertips,

smooth as glass and soft as silk.

In that moment in-between,

– how does meaning flow within?


When I choose to not attend,

precious gold looks old – not bold!

When I reach with light caress,

spectrum’s palate creates a splash.

Captured brightly in the flow,

life’s delight comes in to glow.

Moments in the slippery stream,

leap to dance in future’s fame.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Sensibilities delight

Soft; transparent; vulnerable:

these dance with sensibilities delight!

They rest as if embraced

within the arms of gentle love.

They do not rise to dominate.

They never shred and rage.

They fill the world with wonder,

flowing out of trust and grace.


They quell before the heat of hate.

seemingly crumbling into dust

as selfish greed strides forth.

Yet in the midst of turmoil’s pain

they kiss and heal stillborn’s dream!

Dull hearts are then enraged and shamed,

choking off forgotten longing’s song.

They felt this grace when mother smiled.

It echoes still, while comfort’s kiss is lost.


Trust is a bed rock firm and sure.

It frames a world with beauty’s hue.

It settles softly into silk

and opens wide communion’s milk.

Trust dances free and never stabs.

Its laughter flows as fragrant wine.

It grows majestic as the dawn

and leaves the delicacy of lace behind.

Soft, transparent, vulnerable,

This truth is lively and sublime!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Raised expectations surge with delight.

it feels like it’ll happen, maybe-just might!

The visions they swirl and dance in the wind,

the possible’s endless, and wonder’s in flight.

The hormones are cranked up, the crackle is felt,

and time seems suspended and waiting’s a fight.

All this and more flows out from just words,

that simply portended  that dreams can see light!


Failed expectations can hurt just like hell.

The future collapses as pain’s torment swells.

The heart feels despairing, sinking deep in the sea,

while purpose is listless and eyes cannot see.

My stomach does threaten to  split me in two,

and dread seems to squash whatever feels new.

Life’s gripped in iron when future looms dark,

and hope just lies stillborn in grief’s hateful night.


Living, believing is never a waste.

It frames my good fortune when in valley’s grave.

My present is always a gift of great hope,

when breathing is granted and friendships are close.

I hold to the precious, that lives in my hand,

and reach for the promise that vision demands.

While ever uncertain, I still see a strand,

of grace that’s connected to that which is grand.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Treasured

It’s hard to see past trauma’s dross.

The pain and shame that fill with loss.

Yet love’s sweet fire sings beauty’s gold,

when pain’s scar’s filled with filagree so bold.

A treasure found is love’s caress.

A treasure chest that makes me blessed!

A richness swells and fills my space,

of all I’ve dreamed and lost as waste.

I dance with joy on clouds so bright

– identity spelled in love’s delight.

I’m treasured in reflections gaze –


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Transparency

To live so naked , unafraid – a child’s delight to shed what binds and hides.

To feel with skin the joy of air

and not realize that others care.

It is a dream to simply be,

so fully me and honestly

I share the joy of who I am without regard of shame or fame.

I take my place uniquely formed

to grace this space with my own form.

I shout aloud!

Love sets me free to be the one and only me –

upheld, accepted,

a delight,

a wonder given!

I’m unashamed – I’ll never hide.

Author – Bill Tidsbury