When I dream

When I dream,

what’s deep comes free,

entwined within you  -though unseen.

In the mist

I sense a flow,

sweeping me past what I can know.


What I see

opens hope for me.

to be what dwells inside of me.

The leap I feel

sends me up high,

and so I fly beyond the sky.


Awake I smile,

the joy lives on

of hints of grace e’en though I’m worn.

I will not die,

I’ll overcome!

The fire’s kindled – now I’ve won.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Journey into Love: Treasured

It’s hard to see past trauma’s dross.

The pain and shame that fill with loss.

Yet love’s sweet fire sings beauty’s gold,

when pain’s scar’s filled with filagree so bold.

A treasure found is love’s caress.

A treasure chest that makes me blessed!

A richness swells and fills my space,

of all I’ve dreamed and lost as waste.

I dance with joy on clouds so bright

– identity spelled in love’s delight.

I’m treasured in reflections gaze –


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Ocean storm

Curtains shift and sway on nature’s window frame.

Darkness looms, sweet scents thicken;

breezes ruffle the ocean waves

as sunshine is snatched by storm.

Sheets of rain grace cloud’s fringe

as turmoil roils within its heart.

Suddenly, violently, the launch is slammed.

Downpour rages to sweep us from the sea.

Spontaneously, it would seem, we ride upon a glassy sea!

Winds lulled and memory stirs as if in a dream.

Vastness once again unruffled

as white wake unrolls behind us now

with startling vibrancy!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Late night surprise

Reaching in the dark. I bump the glass

and it begins to tip.

My hand it knows it’s missed its cue.

The shock it spirals out in waves

as wakefulness leaps out of daze.

The mind, still fast caught

in the dream of mystery whispering overhead,

it’s slow to realize what is real;

until the splash of wetness sprays my feet.

And now I blink

and wonder what the neighbours think,

of late night prowlers who should have stayed in bed

instead of sipping just a drink

to quiet the catch

that was only wanting some relief.


I now awake.

I guess I might as well go back to bed!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

The message

I hint , I speak,

yet still the space between

seems destined to remain.

The fog, the smog

damps beauty’s winsome voice.

You look, you wink,

I really still don’t get it-

as silence chokes my heart.


Connect, reject,

what difference does it make?

I just don’t get the message!

Your eyes, my heart,

they miss each other’s gestures.

I sigh, I hurt,

still puzzled by the distance.

This trust – it’s hanging by a thread!


To live, to be,

It’s so much more than breathing.

I yearn to just be understood.

I hope, I dream,

to sense the quickening lightening.

I laugh, I sing,

when in transparent moments,

I meet you and I’m bare.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

I didn’t know

I need , I hear, a word of praise.

I drink, I glow, it feeds my soul.

I’m shocked, I’m stopped, could this be so?

I shake it off, “it couldn’t be!”


I need, I see, a smile of love.

I grin, I laugh, I feel the hug.

I twist, I ask – can this be real?

I hide within, alone today.


I need, I sense, a gentle touch.

I’m warmed, I’m blessed, by just that brush.

I look, I’m caught – Is this your face?

I can not hide, you’re in my space!


I need, I love, what youI didhave done.

I wake, I twirl, inside my dream.

I hope, I reach, Is this my place?

I did not know, I dance when free!

Author – Bill Tidsbury