Waiting’s hard

Raging, when the waiting’s hard;

seething as the shackles call.

Crying in the midst of pain.

Doubled up enduring shame.


An echo trapped within my core

can resonate and damn my soul.

This howl of rage can only frame

the yearning need to escape my blame.


Searing wounds jar melodic strains;

they echo with no friend to name.

The rawness of the strident call

flows in-between death’s awful pall.


All rivers trapped must find their flow.

For all things course to places low.

So when true life oe’r flows what’s numb,

that’s when sweet grace and mercy come.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Winter play

Joy’s delight,

in sleds flight,

Makes laughter’s

song welcome.


Icy sparkles

turn cheeks red.

Blood’s surging,

stops chill dead.


Hot chocolate,

hands wrapped tight.

Soul’s at peace

in mugs release.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Mingled lives

I do believe, I’m called to live

so much beyond myself.

It matters not just where I walk.

I give myself and bless the life

that grants me some new spice.

So as I leave, I feel some grief

as hearts with life connect.

I give away and then receive,

more than I could’ve known.

Our mingled lives are better off.

We’ve touched; the other’s sown.

I live with more,

cause I’ve opened doors

and look how I have grown!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Words unformed

Spirit spins a hazy vision

as it calls out in the night.

Words unformed must take on substance

when a soul can not take flight.

In the churning mess of chaos

as new sounds coalesce in form,

then the beauty of orchestration

fills a score with Life’s delight.

Spirit settles into secrets

almost haunting with their flair

as the ego seeks to banish

all of generosity’s varied fare.

When I rise, identity’s sparkle

leaps in joy out to the earth.

Then the drab does kiss the reason

for the song that breathes new birth.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Laughter

Love comes in with laughter bright.

Companions sing in whimsy’s light.

Walking through this bubbling brook

that’s love’s caress in easy peace,

while slowing floating as she wades.

Lives entwined, I breathe and move

with comfort born from a tickley kiss.

This makes me chuckle once again,

my face just shines with smile’s light.

I know I’m full, replete and still,

because I’ve felt love’s cheery bliss.

Laughter’s music’s become my song!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Memories dancing

Doing nothing, fingers idle,

things that flash into my mind;

images fleeting, memories dancing,

without order, without form.

There’s dis-comfort with dis-order,

helter-skelter seems bizarre!

What can fill this crazy chaos,

that disturbs me without cause?


Choices clamour for distraction.

What can silence raging storms?

Numbness found can be relieving,

yet it’s only found within storm’s eye!

So I move where’er the storm leads,

to avoid being tossed and turned.

Now I’m bound as if a prisoner,

living in distractions lie.


Taking time while doing nothing,

is a contest for the brave.

As I face my storms of turmoil,

I too soon face heart’s sore cry.

When with patience, I stop and listen,

pain’s procession opens gentle grace.

Holding hands with comfort’s presence

I connect with my own face!

Author – Bill Tidsbury