Dog leaps out.

Its bark harsh threat!

My heart’s no longer in my chest!


Fury crashes.

Fear releases

darkened embers of caresses.


Rain wets earth.

Bright sun leaps forth.

My eye’s lit up by rainbow’s birth!


Kids embrace

when hearts feel safe.

It’s such a tender form of grace!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Warm rain

Rain that drips, rain that falls,

rain that spits upon my nose,

Little splashes fall like lashes,

then there’s those more like a hose.

Looking up with squinty face,

I try to see what’s in the sky.

I see some grey, I can’t see rain,

cause drops of rain just filled my eye!


I lift my hands, embrace the day.

I’m free to dance within the rain.

There’s something warm that’s come my way,

a summer’s gift – being soaked in play!

The air is fresh, it sings so fine,

it’s sparkles just like a fancy wine!

And so refreshed with spirit’s high,

I settle down now towelled and dry.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Courage

Courage calls me out to dare, to hope, believe there’s more out there.

It is a risk to leap against,

all past experience and my dread.

Yet, deep within my spirit breathes.

It is connected to a fire that lives.

It casts a light upon my dread and breaks the lies that keep me dead.


rising up to dance unchained,

I crush the broken hell of shame

and lift my head to eyes that live

and speak my name in ways that make me feel again.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Destiny

Deep within my heart I resonate to love. I sense love’s pull and feel the happy glow.

A vision forms and I’m held dear.

It shakes my being – it’s so near.

The pieces gel, I sense my place within  a grander song that’s not yet sung.

The surge is strong, a tide lifts up;

a purpose throbs within my soul of living, giving, unashamed and free.

To dance upon adversity

and look in eyes that laugh with me,

and say “together, we can be as one!”

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Free to be

Vast! Stillness, open space

lifts my being into grace.

As eye meets distance and rebounds,

my spirit grasps

and poised forever on the brink,

I smoothly flow as if a speck!


So, I dance in hyper-space,

intertwined in love that’s lace.

My heart disperses. Scattered wide,

my being weaves;

while conscious streams, as golden threads,

form beauty and replace all dreads.


Still! While inner negations yield,

presence sings, calling sweetly.

Knowing slips within unknowing.

My spirit’s subtle!

Blossom’s grace embraces fire,

and free to be – now flying higher!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Eye’s delight

Eyes are bright, so full of light!

Sparkles glow in eyes that know.

Innocence weeps when shame is deep,

yet love softens this dagger’s glares.

Child’s eyes are sweet yet wise.

Ancient souls have sight as gold.

Pupil’s whisper brings love’s shiver.

Giggles flicker in windows glitter

Eyes that speak they give us meat.

Eye’s delight can shift our plight.

When my eye will close I die.

Yet, in your eye my life can fly.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Seeing fresh

Young girl scowls- she is so bored

as boat plows on so endlessly.

Shifts can come so quietly

when someone helps to shift our gaze.

Blind and sleepy boredom jolts awake

with creative spark’s awakening flare.

Light it dances on the waves.

Coral seas paint randomly.

Colours flow beneath the bow,

while up above, tern’s antics sing such joy.

Mysterious cays emerge in mist –

the feeling’s like she’s caught in dreams!

Eyes – they’ve opened and they’ve seen.



life’s peculiar grace sings in harmony.

Girl’s eyes sparkle as if alive!

T’is only beauty’s awakening

within her natural form.


Seeing fresh’s a gift!

Author – Bill Tidsbury