Deep desire

Deep desire, broken dreams,

these can frame a heart’s deep needs.


Tender whisper, loves delight,

opens heaven in soul’s dark night.


Precarious balance, what comes next?

Soul’s deep well birth’s “now’s” reflex!


Baby’s chortle, life’s unkempt,

each step breathes with new intent.


Insight sparking, blooms the new,

genius shines through eyes askew.


Hope uplifting, swelling songs,

life’s delight shapes love’s deep bonds.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Dreams still shine

Dirty faces,

unkempt hair,

children playing

while despair skulks

ready to maul hearts.


Dirt floors,

yet still swept clean!

Woman struggles,

keeping things neat,

as life leaks out.


Eyes bright,

sparkles dance;

dreams still shine,

even as

shame roars its lies.


Sun shines,

grace lives!

Gentle smile

sits in the dust

as fierce love blooms.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Learning curves

Learning curves are full of swerves!

I warp my mind to grasp what flies,

it makes no sense yet feels alive.

For the life of me – its logic feels contrived!

Right now my eyes they can’t see dots;

instead they see a row of knots!

The spaces interspersed between,

are clearly just designed for screams.

And yet, just lurking on the fringe of now,

exists a sense that tells me how

If only I could wiggle free,

I’d  laugh with joy inside of me.

So with fresh energy and life

I dive headlong to grasp what’s missed,

when suddenly – I finally see

what was so clearly escaping me.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Vulnerability births

Fragile silk

smoothly flows across my skin.

Eyes, so open

soothe my soul with liquid gold.

Hope alights!

Possibility’s desire seeks to peek,

through the tangled web of ancient wounds,

while fragile soul

soars within transparency’s embrace.


Vulnerability’s silky pull births spirit’s breath.

Life’s vitality, like silk’s caress, awakens desire.


Should calloused heart tear this silken breath,

would beauty’s eyes run tears?


The dance begun,

dear heart’s invited in to sense,

the wonder of your eyes

while lifted up though still unseen.

No longer hard,

and jailed within an ancient bitter lair;

simply free to be,

unique creativity dancing on air.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Grace

I’m often startled by love’s face!

The flowing glow that gives me grace.

I couldn’t pay – yet here I am

restored from loss with fresh new sauce!

It comes unseen and yet – surprised!

I opened wide and then received

what I needed to be me, and free!

Obligations died stillborn;

this grace birthed with delight.

Her hand extended, with eyes so full

of promised love and whispered joy.

I choose to dance and fling away

the guilt which claims a debt I mourn.

It’s love’s grace that sets me free.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Child dancing

Little child is so bold.

He stares with gaze

that questions age!

His eyes they lock

with disregard

for all the rules

that keep us blocked!

He then decides

he seeks more game,

so turns around

to dance his claim!

He lifts his gaze

as if to say,

you too can frame

a life not tame!

His smile it gives

this heart some cheer;

I’m just as bored

in this line so drear!

Author – Bill Tidsbury