Blind eyes

When living in the hills of Honduras, I know that steady rain drizzling down at night gives me very muddy water from the tap in the morning. Small things that shift my daily routines!

Tropical sun blazing as the morning unfolds, foretells that soon this day will shrivel my soul with heat.  Just one of the challenges that unfold in life as you drift closer to the equator.

It is interesting how our perception of natural things shift from one nation to another, or even one culture to another. Our realities vary!

Yet wounded feelings that flow from hasty words receive global recognition. They warn that I have apologies to make so as to guard what is precious. These crucial decisions must flow from a love for which we all long.

Then there are angry words that accuse and kill. These assaults violate trust and assail every soul. It still amazes me how fear incites all humanity to take death’s scythe to bed with them!

Why is it so easy to forecast consequences in our natural world and yet live with blind eyes in regard to that which binds us into the wonder of belonging?

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Spirit’s child

A sense of peace,

a sense of grace,

that’s all it takes to touch your face.

A young girl trusts,

she just belongs,

as heaven’s heart begins to race.


I sit beside,

my eyes held wide,

as fragrance settles with easy style.

A gentle soul,

with earnest eyes,

was drawn deep in Spirit’s smile.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Mountain town

Cobbled streets, hillsides steep, a mountain town is up or down!

Pouring rain, leaping gutters, rushing waters clean this town.

Vultures soar, wind sweeps clouds, from the heights the mundane shrinks in size.

Birds that sing, trees that bow, life’s exuberance wakens me to rise.


History steeped; buildings speak – of times before technology.

Cathedral rises, old claims shout, grating new realities.

Saint’s procession, draws the dancers, gaining promised hope’s deliverance.

Exhaustion reigns, pain’s endured, while freedom’s gift lies in abeyance.


Fireworks boom, fiesta laughs, as families spend the day in song.

Evening strolls, hands held dear, couples avoiding summer’s throng,

Child’s laughter, safety’s theme, village shouts we have this in common.

Quiet listens, bird chirp ends, dreams appear when normal is forgotten.


Peace is real, hope is shared, when faith is seen in eyes that shine.

Pain departs, startle’s real, when spirit’s roar draws a line.

Something felt, change that’s seen,  creates a contrast with dogma’s creed.

Sweetly still, enjoying life, promotion’s grace stirs mountain souls to lead.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

What is life to me

Like the wildness of open country, and the thrill of mountain tops comes life in each encounter to delight my beating heart. Life steps in as vast as craggy peaks disappearing off into the haze. Yet it is captured in a meeting of the eyes, the instant when two souls engage and graciously reveal their inner core. That moment is an act of trust, of generosity, of vulnerability, of hope and of kindness shared. Just two souls greeting each other’s uniqueness – giving birth to  precious astonishment. Life shared willingly across a gulf of solitude.

Life is the warmth and serenity of a warm summer forest floor – pine scent arising, breezes meandering. It is captured in the merry sound of a tumbling brook that splashes through cool mossy canyons and lazily opens up in sun dappled pools. It is seen in the stillness of being accepted, the assurance of being – settled into identity; confident that purpose and meaning come together in my own uniqueness that releases me to smile with myself!

Life rings out in the intensity of a powerful storm, whose thunder shakes and rumbles as only tropical thunderheads do and then release torrents of rain that are warm and glorious. It is felt in the vastness of a cold starry night when stars leap out at you with brilliance;  when a shooting star trailing across the darkness shocks you with its glowing wonder, leaving you breathless. It is possessed when spirit opens up the stunning reality that experience is much vaster than any physical sense can contain. When a stretching into eternity occurs that overloads the physical circuits and shatters the boundaries of the mind. There is a vibrancy that answers dreams of beauty and produces concepts that have no words. It opens a thirst that is unquenchable and yet so surfeit – in the same breath!

Life is grasped in that flash of fear when adrenaline rushes through. An electric jolt occurs when one small step almost brings death searing into the soul. I see the place below where on the rocks I would have flown!

Life is not alone! Life is relational, Life has a name! Life’s grace is blessed, when shared and savoured as the smoothest wine. It goes down slowly and warms the palate as friends and family create a legacy of being that is written indelibly even after I no longer walk around inside this home.

This is life to me!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Strong arms


young brilliant doctor,

just longing, dreaming of hugs.


her hear tuned for blessing.


her anguish so brutal,

no whisper this side of the grave.



a child’s heart breaking.

Teardrops that gently heal wounds.


inside this father’s embrace.


life- although rugged

can still be braved.


Tear stained,

brilliant eyes seeking contact.

Gentleness, the very kiss of love.


so entangled with heart song;

still feeling,

these strong arms of love

giving promise today.


Two souls now joined in amaze!



does come in the mourning

when mercy’s gift embraces raw pain.


flows out to delight me,

blessing each heart to sing praise.


a dear heart, free and so brave!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Love is gentle and kind

Christmas is a time of year when culturally we seek to create and return to lost places of warmth and connectivity. We yearn for the wonder of laughter and true heart connections. We long for a daddy’s warm embrace and his delightful cry of approval: we twinkle with a mom’s heartfelt hug and kiss, eyes that say you are still the best thing that came into her life since sliced bread; we anticipate siblings who run together to embrace and reflect on secrets shared and adventures taken.

We come together to remind ourselves that relationships matter –  to celebrate that love still exists and that I have a place and identity in family. To often, the pace of our culture and the conflicted expectations of our desperations, move me out of creativity and joy and into conflict and triggers. Soon, instead of delighting and laughing, I am tearing down and shredding. The conversation veers to – “Oh yeah,well I remember when…” Hurt and negativity so easily takes centre stage again. Leaving laughter to weep in the corner.

Violence captures attention because it so easily shoves itself into centre stage. Negativity and criticism also delights to stand out and somehow spray cold water all over any warm celebration. Every young child knows that it is far easier to use our creative urge to tear something down rather than to build. Ingenuity and artistic creation flow only when we begin to develop a little bit of maturity and control over the larger forces that course through our lives.

It is intriguing to watch a child in the throes of laying hold of creative expression! The light goes on and suddenly pieces start to be joined rather than torn apart. Invariably though, there comes a moment when the delicacy of creation exceeds the muscular control of the young body and something that was beginning to form collapses. The dismay is written large and then the reaction can easily be regression and aggression. A simple exercise in tearing the whole thing apart – life is just too difficult!

Love comes gently. Love rests on grace. Family needs our collective support to say we will hold our peace when an enemy comes in to steal the treasure of love that we all hoped for. We do need each other. We do need to share the kiss of kindness – especially with those closest to us.

May your day be full of peace. May your heart overflow with joy. May the wonder of the season set your feet dancing and may you know the quiet security of the treasure of who you are.

I am created with purpose! I have destiny written all over my life. My possibilities don’t hinge on other’s words, they flow out of my unique design. I am a gift to the world. I am a blessing to my family. I have personality that has a sparkle and flare that no one else can replicate. I have so much more to discover. If this is true of me, then it is true of every other member of my family or community. This is a day to celebrate wonder! Let us celebrate each other and the One who made us each a spectacular facet of His image!

Author – Bill Tidsbury