Journey’s curves

To yield, to seek, to laugh, to love;

The journey flows between the hills.

The curves ahead obscure the view,

of what will flow from each day’s tread.

I wander through this novel place.

It’s full of beauty, of fragrance full,

with moments shifting from grey to blue.

Hearts are seen as caresses grace

the moments we share unseen.

Then, hope gives way to loss.

Darkness floods the gloom

yet, brightened by the rising moon.

Glorious day soon paints things bright.

Pastel glory shines upon the hills.

Life renewed –

time again to choose-

my dream!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


“New” begins again

First time new – something so powerful, something so wonderful! A birth, a fresh idea, an invention. Something startling and never seen before. It bursts upon the scene with welcome and joy.

However, what astounds me  is the crushed and broken.

Hidden treasure waiting to be found! Something discarded, lost, and forgotten. So much sorrow and hopelessness, trapped within a fragile skin of consciousness.

Always looking – always longing for what?

The sparkle of the new, the wonder of freshness! Always seen, never touched.  So flows the heartless brokenness of loss.

Yet, “new” begins again!

I’ve seen the wonder of light. the joy of crushed fragments settling into patterns, Beauty for ashes framing wonder! Newness comes alive and hope springs into being.

Hope bubbles delightedly, sparkles in the sunshine. Breezes waft away the stench of death. Fragrance fills the air, curious vibrancy activates expectancy as beauty once again dances upon the stage of life.

Freshly, creatively new!

This is the power of Life; the power of Spirit; the meaning of resurrection!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Free to be with me

Life – can feel so drab and faded as my heartbreak mourns. I know I am made for something bright and clear! I’ve heard the sound of glorious music. I’ve felt the distant drums. Something thrums and stirs when Life seems withered – so bare upon the floor.

Visions – call from deep within. Light erupts with splendour unannounced.  This intrusion of colour and joy’s crescendo awakes my soul. Grasping my imagination’s screen I suddenly see beyond that which had me bound. I know I’m so alive when I see what really could be me!

Beauty – a caress that’s so evocative, yet quite ethereal, comes gently to embrace my heart. Something springs awake that really once was dead! I know I cannot help but be enchanted as I dance upon my feet, that until  today, only knew this dusty clay.

Desire – that which pulls me into, the song that sweetly marries that which roils within my being. I’ve awakened to the lie I thought so true. I’m something more than flesh and bone! I live to recreate the wonder of a world newborn upon this darkened plain.

Vitality – that which joins Life with beauty and desire. The wine of heaven breathing into this expanse, releases fragrance sweet and light, transforming bitter loss and grinding pain. I am renewed, I see that joy is always in my hand if I but set You free to be with me!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Day’s end


delightful breezes

caressing the fields.

Fragrance swirling; delicate hints-

scent’s harmony inviting to breathe.

Life rests in peace, ending day!

Sun’s intensity burns fiercely when directly overhead!

Relaxing, reflecting, enjoying this day’s gift.

Pondering tomorrow’s unique tantalizing hints.

Choosing hope, feeling fine!

We hold hands.

Slowly recline


Author – Bill Tidsbury



Cold that crinkles my face,

tinkles the frost in my hair,

scalds skin that’s left peeking ,

sure lets me know I’m real.

Wind that wildly whips hair,

whistles when kissing my ears,

tears up the eyes that are squinty,

connects my being to feel.

Sun that blinds with glitter,

warms my skin that is bare,

draws me into life’s colours,

making darkness surreal.

Scents that flow from the forest,

-tangy hints make me sneeze-

taking me deep into memory,

giving fragrance its seal.



Feeling, you’ve ignited my being.

Your eyes have touched me with fire.

My hands reach out with longing.

Entwined, I’m drawn into your zeal.

Turning, I bask in your gaze,

wondering, I laugh as you tease,

Pausing, in wonder reflective,

bright image in me to reveal.

Active, alive in my senses.

Twirling, I dance in your flame.

Shivering – now taken beyond,

Light really does have appeal!

Cozy and wrapped up in silence.

Presence that hugs me with warmth.

Peace lying close to your hearth fire.

Being with you is ideal!