Spirit’s child

A sense of peace,

a sense of grace,

that’s all it takes to touch your face.

A young girl trusts,

she just belongs,

as heaven’s heart begins to race.


I sit beside,

my eyes held wide,

as fragrance settles with easy style.

A gentle soul,

with earnest eyes,

was drawn deep in Spirit’s smile.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Free to be with me

Life – can feel so drab and faded as my heartbreak mourns. I know I am made for something bright and clear! I’ve heard the sound of glorious music. I’ve felt the distant drums. Something thrums and stirs when Life seems withered – so bare upon the floor.

Visions – call from deep within. Light erupts with splendour unannounced.  This intrusion of colour and joy’s crescendo awakes my soul. Grasping my imagination’s screen I suddenly see beyond that which had me bound. I know I’m so alive when I see what really could be me!

Beauty – a caress that’s so evocative, yet quite ethereal, comes gently to embrace my heart. Something springs awake that really once was dead! I know I cannot help but be enchanted as I dance upon my feet, that until  today, only knew this dusty clay.

Desire – that which pulls me into, the song that sweetly marries that which roils within my being. I’ve awakened to the lie I thought so true. I’m something more than flesh and bone! I live to recreate the wonder of a world newborn upon this darkened plain.

Vitality – that which joins Life with beauty and desire. The wine of heaven breathing into this expanse, releases fragrance sweet and light, transforming bitter loss and grinding pain. I am renewed, I see that joy is always in my hand if I but set You free to be with me!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Day’s end


delightful breezes

caressing the fields.

Fragrance swirling; delicate hints-

scent’s harmony inviting to breathe.

Life rests in peace, ending day!

Sun’s intensity burns fiercely when directly overhead!

Relaxing, reflecting, enjoying this day’s gift.

Pondering tomorrow’s unique tantalizing hints.

Choosing hope, feeling fine!

We hold hands.

Slowly recline


Author – Bill Tidsbury



Cold that crinkles my face,

tinkles the frost in my hair,

scalds skin that’s left peeking ,

sure lets me know I’m real.

Wind that wildly whips hair,

whistles when kissing my ears,

tears up the eyes that are squinty,

connects my being to feel.

Sun that blinds with glitter,

warms my skin that is bare,

draws me into life’s colours,

making darkness surreal.

Scents that flow from the forest,

-tangy hints make me sneeze-

taking me deep into memory,

giving fragrance its seal.



Feeling, you’ve ignited my being.

Your eyes have touched me with fire.

My hands reach out with longing.

Entwined, I’m drawn into your zeal.

Turning, I bask in your gaze,

wondering, I laugh as you tease,

Pausing, in wonder reflective,

bright image in me to reveal.

Active, alive in my senses.

Twirling, I dance in your flame.

Shivering – now taken beyond,

Light really does have appeal!

Cozy and wrapped up in silence.

Presence that hugs me with warmth.

Peace lying close to your hearth fire.

Being with you is ideal!


I don’t have to be active and busy today, I’m called to rest in your peace. The world is in turmoil but never defined by the mess that taints people’s minds.

I know that the troubles I’ve seen in this place, bring sorrow untold to your gaze. I know your heart feels every thrust and sits beside me in dust.

I have no regard for form or disgrace. I have no desire for place. I’m not made to sit in a palace of gold, I’ve chosen to be with those sold.

As the world reels along, I can’t find a way, to comprehend pain and despair. I see it in faces, I hear it in wails, it breaks all the norms and assails!

I cannot be silent, I can not be still, I step with a need to unfold, the wonder of being safe in your arms while tumult still buffets my soul.

My heart knows no stranger, your heart longs for home. I seek only still to be found. I long for the joy of a moment sublime, when you see me clearly first time.

The sound grows louder, the groans seem so long, the rumbling grind of the ground. The hopeless are pushed down, the hurting slash around and still there is more to be found.

My heart doesn’t weep well, my eyes can be dry. I find I’ve buried you deep. It’s only in silence, it’s only when still, that echoes come rising to spill.

I wish and I long for the freedom to be, just sitting across from your need. I want to be comfort, I want to be grace, if only to see in your face.

I need fresh encounters, I want to have more, of your intense fragrance that clings. This transforms my haste and suddenly flings reality in to it’s place.

So you who are holy, and you who is might, I desperately need you to fight. I want to push further and into your sight, to let you be all of me  this night.

I am the Spirit of Life from above. I am the Spirit of peace. I lift hearts up before the throne of His grace, to gaze in His infinite face.

I am , there is no other.

I will, and no one stops.

I act and yet am silent.

I love and yes, you can.

Author  – Bill Tidsbury

Momentary Beauty

small things, instant things that flood my wandering eyes,

sudden chance encounters, opening sight to His bright.

suddenly, capturing me, a vision of things beyond,

they sparkle effervescently  and then are gone.

why do moments taunt me, when sudden impressions leap?

it is the shock that’s fractional, sparks the mystical

sudden ethereal beauty’s dancing on life’s stage.

vision’s trajectory etching echoes on my soul

what was speeding, birthed a treasure, leaving smoothly through the door.

frail things, and strange things can appear with élan,

they startle us and cause, the gasp with surprise,

they open up our mindset and suddenly shout.

a flash, in a trice, they’ve left me with doubt.

Did I see it, but imagined,  what can’t be conceived?

was it looking or dreaming that caused me to freeze?


I see it in people, I see it in eyes,

I see it in fragments when ever you slide.

the wisps of a hair in the eyes of a child,

the twist of a finger that wanders so idle.

It’s motion and twitches and facial delight,

when laughter is bursting and life’s not a fight.

there is joy’s interaction, there is grief’s somber cling,

there are shrieks of surprise as the water is flinging.

yet, all of the treasures of life’s careful tread,

get left tattered as spindrift in memories bin.


the power of beauty, the grasp of the wise,is opened in moments of intense surprise.

the flash of a bee’s wing, the silk of the dew,

the sparkle and glint of the foam in the flume.

we must take the offering and turn to attend, the reality of life is found only then.

the power of living, the quest to survive is often the brusque voice that cuts off the vibe.

the gossamer silk of the precious/ethereal,

comes wishing through darkness to offer us life.

it is easy to miss it, to simply ignore, the passage of these, the exquisite/sublime.

they tell us that moments when noticed and seen, can give us a grandeur eternally green.

we can not imprison these moments so fair, they simply degenerate in stuffy thick air.

I’m often just left with the tantalizing hint, of fragrance once tasted but now on the wind.

so I open myself up, I’m sure I’ll not squint,

the next time that moment comes by to alight.

the moment while treasured will only exist,

in that fragment of time caught just when I blink!

Author – Bill Tidsbury