Imagination -inspiration’s rush!

It all just happens in a flash.

Certainties explode within life’s bedrock

as transposition breaks normalcy’s hush.

The shift is sudden, the growth absurd,

as light travels faster than what’s observed.

Time bows its head as vision clears

so what is seen is left behind for what will be!

My spirit soars above the plain;

I see both as I was and what I’ll be.

I dwell within a paradox

that “mind” tries desperately to quell.

Will I live free

or settle back and in my dullness be?

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Still Entwined

The crash of pain as thief’s violent shock,

opens wide deep wounds from history’s womb.

The crashing wave looms over all that’s dear,

We brace in rage, fearing crushing loss.

Yet ache to rest in lost fairytale’s bliss.


The welcome warmth of a heartfelt hug

that connects my heart, giving life to hope.

Spontaneous moments when our spirits join,

I feel the flow from life’s gracious source,

so stand renewed within destiny’s course.


The crash of pain … The warmth of heart.

The open wounds …. The balm of love.

The wave that looms … The Spirit’s touch.

The rage we feel …. The flame of life.


We are bound together, in grief or joy.

We live connected in the maze of life.

We seek escape and rush to pain,

while holding fast to crumbling fame.

Yet while entwined, I can still be “me”,

to live authentic, transformed and so free.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Chains and freedom

I have a name,

it once was loved by friends and all.

Last night I slept under the stars.

I sprawled in dirt; my brain was far.

So many passed by me and scoffed.

They see a drunk – and that, unloved!


I have a name,

I still remember! I love to speak to those who know!

Today, I wished I could be elsewhere,

With family, love – those once held dear.

I needed someone  to say I mattered,

to say I’m longed for -still beloved!


I have a name,

no longer held to – I have believed that man has died.

In death, I will remember I still was living,

with ones who could have helped me live.

I need you now to please remember,

I’m still a slave – trapped in a grave. 


I have a name,

I can not see it – its buried deep inside a tomb.

They say that name can still be resurrected,

because this one believes in me.

I’m blind! Will you who see, draw Him to me?

If you believe – can He free me?

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Oh so free

Small parrots, loud parrots, flocking declare-

“we are the owners of all that is air!”

If life could be measured only by sound,

then surely their claim

would be their’s all year round!


Small lizards, fast lizards sitting in sun.

lying in pleasure  except when they run!

If life’s delight could tolerate heat,

then all of my memories

could be sampled still sweet!


Small child, bright child, swings unaware,

Singing so blissful without any care.

If all of my focus can dance oh so free,

then sparkles aplenty

will caress those like me!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


History seems so very clear

until the loser rises up to taunt.

The storyline once sublime,

is now comprised of twists that shock.

What was sure, overlooked some facts,

which when considered truly,

change the story!

The responsibility lies, with me who hears-

Will I treasure truth-

or take a pill that calms me?

Truth is hard, it can stick in your craw!

It’s quirky points can be quite raw!

Truth it’s said,

can seem like fiction,

nothing’s more strange,

than fact’s rendition!

Curiosity calls – “live less knowing”,

‘cause what I know may yet be punted.

It’s through permission, I release a shift.

Perspective comes, a different flowing

– I see my tale -now I’m the hunted.

Tension lives ‘cause I can’t see beyond.

Yet live I must, though now more humble.

So I will change and shift my ground,

the truth lies out there – to be found.

Confidence grows when I am sure,

that things exist to search and find.

My role’s not been to control the stars,

I live to dance as truth kills lies.

When I am still and dare to see,

I’ll find my morrow kissing sweetly,

as truth has ripened and now I’m free.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Wrinkles are written as I touch and flow.

Furrows formed beneath the weight of grief,

strike history’s story for all to see.


Joy’s most gracious glow

leaves marks upon my glass.

As I lift life’s frothy splash to cheer vitality!

Memories mark my journey’s vibrant song.


Spirit slips within,

unseen and smooth as glass.

Life’s electricity vibrates the humming strings,

tuning orchestra’s ode

to the fullness of beauty’s hope.


Community mixes fine,

the curious blend of travellers dreams.

Hearts alive are free to dance –

intoxicated within encounter’s spice,

blending heart and spirit

marking harmony’s face around my eyes.


So now I wear my journey,

as nature’s tattoo etched on skin.

I watch with growing wonder,

– the grace that flows around.

Delicate ink scribes this moment’s time.


Moments write my story,

smoothing pain’s erosion in the balm of Life.

Forgiving opens windows,

renewing soul’s elasticity.


Silken caresses soften skin,

releasing eternity’s peace,

and may face is free!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Securely me

Honesty moves a Daddy’s heart. He sees me as I am – so why shouldn’t I? Since this one who loves, first touched my being, He’s ever only called me into dreams.

Transparency is hard to value, when others seem quick to judge. Yet when I’m in the Spirit’s presence, my flesh just tingles as His fire disrobes my shame – and I am free!

Tranquility drapes expansively as I settle into love. The one who holds my gaze has eyes that flame and yet weep tears. He died to live that I might be, forever found securely me.

Author – Bill Tidsbury