Daring to live

One man lies , another man dies, fear’s breaking of trust’s fine thread.

A lie leaps from panic, it’s promise to hide, as deadly as ocean’s riptide.


A woman weeps and a man just sleeps, sampling their pain as they run.

We seek some release, while choked by despair, dying as we bounce downstairs.


A mother awakes, a baby partakes – its part of life without sleep!

A sacrifice lived, a love framed in flesh, breathes sparks that friends can nourish.


A boy lifts a hand, a girl takes a stand, it’s courage that makes us aware.

We feel the heroic, the craziness flowing, when hope sees love’s eyes glowing!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Toads, Snakes and Hope

Toads on the sidewalk, snakes on the road, life in the tropics- a sight to behold. Sweat runs down freely, food comes with spice, you never know who’s coming over tonight! Life is much simpler, laughter is bold, even when hearts face fears never told.

Trust is a treasure, hope is a joy, people believe when life bares the soul. Children coming running, arms are thrown wide, when Freedom comes dancing with sensitive eyes. A hug breaks despair, a tear stings the eye, together is stronger with you by my side.

Water drips down, rain soaks the ground, rivers run muddy as storms shout their sound. Fruit falls down loudly, drumming tin roofs, silence is squeezed when night jams with sound. Breezes warm whispers lift heat’s heavy load, as friends relax quietly sipping what’s cold.

Meaning gives purpose, peace shatters fear, vastness entices when destiny’s near. Words shape my focus, songs lift my heart, surely becoming more than I thought. Experience widens, mentors give scope, journey’s adventure is fuelled with hope.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Hope’s joy

One little girl, gives me a hug.

It’s trust you know,

when innocence feels grace

and rests.


A tired mommy prays in hope,

living to give.

Dreams are birthed as she sings.

Faith knows!


Friends embrace as tears flow down.

Solace draws out pain.

Grief shared soothes death’s raw blow



A wrinkled face begins to bloom.

Life is renewed

as caring hearts listen

and grin.


Two lovers meet with bated breath.

Heart’s life dances

while gentle love captures

hope’s joy.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Birthday boy

What a wonder it is to stand upon a rural hill,

to see distant jewels shine – a city’s light that sing.

Below and all around, the glow of man’s abode,

And then above the mysteries of night’s fresh face.


Singing, celebrating, with friends who’re seen as poor,

I feel intimate and happy honouring a friend’s new year.

People come together, to share life as its lived,

Bound  to love and honour while overcoming fears.


Songs are sung for birthday boy, rich food joins the feast,

then erupts the singing for the cake that comes.

Candles burn in a humble home, the floor is only mud.

Yet the Spirit brings a treasure that money cannot buy.


Wrapped up in this evening as lightening flashes high,

feeling gentle rain arrive, so warm and innocent!

Coolness settles, day’s heat flees, good conversation’s flowed,

Learning life is blessed with hearts entwine; it’s good when we can love!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Tea time

Tea to drink, is somewhat tart, unless with honey you intervene,

but oh the joy when someone brings, a little pastry that’s munched upon.


Our cups are full while feeling warm, Spring sunshine loosens memory’s flow,

As soft eyes listen and then recall, laughter’s echo from tales fresh spun.


And then the tea no longer steams, as conversation lags, yet fragrance lingers on ,

A moment shared and built upon, is why good friendships fuel dreams.


As time’s decline brings shadows fall, cold shiver’s prompt is understood.

The vital link is now renewed- as mundane events move us on.


And yet there’s still, the sweet remembered warmth of eyes that speak –

“You have a place within my heart”  -and will be safe and carried far – as life goes on.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Strength on the journey

Where does strength come from, when I am digging deep? At times it seems ephemeral and disappears as quick as steam. Other times, I find it sits as if with bated breath, just waiting for the invitation to change my helplessness.

Strength,is really quite mysterious as it strolls through out my life. I seem to have it most, whenever I need it least! And then in times, when I’m desperate and so low (and wishing life would play) I find that it evaporates and all I have is clay!

At times, my strength does come in joy. It seems to seethe and roil, when my cup just overflows. There’s moxie in my strut and life’s so effortless ! Then there are the times, when all is settled and still, and in these quiet reflections, I find my trust is real. Strength wraps me lack a blanket and stills my heart with grace, I find a gentle knowing that triumphs o’er all I face.

Why can’t my strength be malleable? Why can’t I plan ahead? I want to safely say, I’ve got things covered – for this day! Yet, life gets complicated. It’s an act of faith. I need to trust you as my friend and hope in God again.

So once again I’m feeling weak, a cry arising shrill. I need to ask a favour, for strength along the way. I stumble blindly, needing help and wishing for a blessing strong. I lift my face, feel your caress, and drink in deep of that which flows, mysterious fountains,  granting freshness in my drought below.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Life’s wine


Air exploding,

mirth stirs spasms

unconsciously releasing heart’s stress.

Eyes watering, exchanging spark’s essence.

Bubbling over with Life’s smoothest wine.

Only one look – being convulses in glee!

Perspective shifts in friendship’s sparkling glow.

Quietness settles in, conversation meanders.

Comfort comes, belonging matters!

Feasting on Life.

Humming quietly.


Author – Bill Tidsbury