Trapped in a bubble,safe and secure,

the evils I know bring pain that’s routine.

My world is secure, it has limits and end,

I don’t have to worry about things I can’t bend.

Yet out there beyond, I sense a delight ,

the sparkle’s astounding and scares me with light.

The tug is intriguing, so winsome and cheery,

yet with it brings change so don’t want to hurry.


I’ve stepped out of bubbles, before in my youth.

I’ve sampled the vastness of life in the raw.

I’ve tasted delight and then grief that has seared.

So I’ve chosen this safety, even though it seems weird!

I know that I live in the waste of my fears.

I know that I’m drowning within my own tears.

I know that my heart feels shrivelled and cold.

Yet why can’t I go with this urge to be bold?


And so I sit aching, my heart groans and fights.

I know that I need love and hope that gives life.

I reach out with trembling, to grasp something new,

then withdrew in frenzy ‘cause fear’s monster grew!

So sitting with knees drawn and grief in my heart,

I wait here for someone to aide me to start.

I know I am ready, I’m needing to leave,

this bubble that’s trapped me behind walls of fear.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


The road it winds

This journey takes me upward,

through winding hilly roads.

At times the way seems bumpy

and ever so full of holes.

The road it winds through vales and dips

and then at times among the peaks.

It rambles by steep creeks that roar

and suddenly opens to views that soar.

I never know just what will come,

each turn is different and mostly fun.

Yet there are times of great distress

when fear rides close, with knuckles white.

My heart turns cold, I’ve slid on ice,

I sense I’m at the very edge –

and I’m about to die!

Yet, still I live and find I’m more

prepared than ever I’ve been before.

So as I wake on this new morn

I feel alive and newly born.

I will declare my birthright’s role

to waltz with hope and greet your soul!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

The message

I hint , I speak,

yet still the space between

seems destined to remain.

The fog, the smog

damps beauty’s winsome voice.

You look, you wink,

I really still don’t get it-

as silence chokes my heart.


Connect, reject,

what difference does it make?

I just don’t get the message!

Your eyes, my heart,

they miss each other’s gestures.

I sigh, I hurt,

still puzzled by the distance.

This trust – it’s hanging by a thread!


To live, to be,

It’s so much more than breathing.

I yearn to just be understood.

I hope, I dream,

to sense the quickening lightening.

I laugh, I sing,

when in transparent moments,

I meet you and I’m bare.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Hope’s bright head

When harsh things erupt and unexpected pain slips onto the stage. I writhe in shock and wonder what I’ve lost. A voice arises blaming, so full of scorn. “I could have seen this coming if I had but been warned.” I struggle with the weight of loss, the shame and voiceless dread. I wonder how I could have been so sure and now I’m dead. My hope is cast upon the ground and writhes as life bleeds into grey.

And somewhere deep within, this crazy haunting whisper comes. That out there somewhere is  a source that can make silver out of dread. The wild thing stirs up hope’s bright head, and in the midst of pain, I hear a distant echo so beautiful that it hurts. I wince and wish it would just leave me be, I can not bear this hint of grace. This prospect of an end to strife that would make all this hardship birth a glorious life – is hardest to endure.

Mercy is all but lacking when accusations fling their spite. The searing pain of sharpened guilt flays all my heart and soul. I struggle to walk within what’s dead! My fingers pluck at lifeless frays that seem to tatter as I reach – and all I have within my grasp is hopeless dust and ashes flimsy substance dissolving even as I stare.

And then caresses brush my heart. My spirit lifts with such a start. Mystery that stirs up life’s electric thrill has leaped upon the stage. I look at eyes that hold my heart. I sense a song that speaks my grief. I feel this heart wring out my bitter dregs. I’m not alone – I find relief. This solitude’s forgotten chains have shattered loud.  I’ve awakened  as a dance begins inside my heart while silly things play wonder’s symphony.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Life change

Busy, dizzy-  all speeds fast;

people on coffee

and adrenaline’s blast.

Hurrying, scurrying – all in a rush;

Life is chaotic

and time can’t last.


Bumping, annoying – this line’s so long!

strangers can’t see

that it’s all about me!

Anger and sarcasm flow as I scream;

hurting and hurling,

these “others” aren’t me.


Shocking and stopping – a moment in time.

Suddenly faced

with a heart that is kind!

Eyes seeing, heart hearing,

I’ve paused in the crush-

Life’s suddenly changed!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey’s curves

To yield, to seek, to laugh, to love;

The journey flows between the hills.

The curves ahead obscure the view,

of what will flow from each day’s tread.

I wander through this novel place.

It’s full of beauty, of fragrance full,

with moments shifting from grey to blue.

Hearts are seen as caresses grace

the moments we share unseen.

Then, hope gives way to loss.

Darkness floods the gloom

yet, brightened by the rising moon.

Glorious day soon paints things bright.

Pastel glory shines upon the hills.

Life renewed –

time again to choose-

my dream!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Contagious vitality

Joy that springs

and dance that flings-

this radiance of a heart that lives


Quiet whispers

that speak of grace.

Sparks lighting up the depths-

as fireflies!

Eyes that twinkle.

Hidden sparkles

reaching past infinity –

”Being” is found!!

Vibrant and alive,

the colours blossom,

the laughter soars-

as live is lived!

Holding hands-

heads thrown back.

Contagious vitality

in tranquility.

Author – Bill Tidsbury