The road I travelled just made me fly.

I journeyed through some mountains rare.

But then I came to find it stopped!

There was no road ahead.

I could turn off towards the left –

it’d take me off to who knows where!

Yet too I had an option speak to me

to seek the right which led me back

to places where I could expand

and be myself, yet more.


And there I sat, I made no choice!

I could not choose that which is unknown.

I dithered often, but still was stuck

within a car that once had run

with furious pleasure yet now was trapped,

just sitting waiting as my heart felt torn.

I woke up to a horn’s demand!

Another traveler on the road.

He too was trapped behind my “stuck”.

How could I move, I could not choose

It seemed so simple, yet,

my heart it sighed – I could’ve died,

still waiting for the road ahead

to open wide and let me be

to run with fun into the sun,

upon a road no longer there.


So there I prayed for courage – strength,

to cease this choice that froze my dare,

and make a move both bold and rare.

-a choice to start again with flair!

So, once again with fresh delight

I’ve opened up some doors.

Not bound by indecision – to soar!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Startle’s reflex

Floating quiet on my back,

lazy in the Caribbean sway.

Seabirds swooping in the wind above me.

Breezes playful seem so sweet,

as the endless waves wash upon me

and the salt sits on my tongue.


In a moment, startle’s reflex!


My hand slaps this squishy host.

Now my quiet erupts with splashing

and I turn to face this shock.

Clear, transparent, round and panicked –

frantic fear from me the threat!

In a moment things have context

and I smile with some relief.

Stilled and curious, I settle freshly

as life weaves new memory’s trace.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Seeing fresh

Young girl scowls- she is so bored

as boat plows on so endlessly.

Shifts can come so quietly

when someone helps to shift our gaze.

Blind and sleepy boredom jolts awake

with creative spark’s awakening flare.

Light it dances on the waves.

Coral seas paint randomly.

Colours flow beneath the bow,

while up above, tern’s antics sing such joy.

Mysterious cays emerge in mist –

the feeling’s like she’s caught in dreams!

Eyes – they’ve opened and they’ve seen.



life’s peculiar grace sings in harmony.

Girl’s eyes sparkle as if alive!

T’is only beauty’s awakening

within her natural form.


Seeing fresh’s a gift!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Ocean storm

Curtains shift and sway on nature’s window frame.

Darkness looms, sweet scents thicken;

breezes ruffle the ocean waves

as sunshine is snatched by storm.

Sheets of rain grace cloud’s fringe

as turmoil roils within its heart.

Suddenly, violently, the launch is slammed.

Downpour rages to sweep us from the sea.

Spontaneously, it would seem, we ride upon a glassy sea!

Winds lulled and memory stirs as if in a dream.

Vastness once again unruffled

as white wake unrolls behind us now

with startling vibrancy!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Dream’s substance

Deep within,  my world is vast,

most lies hidden, still unseen.

For the contours of the known

colour in the field of dreams.

All the substance of the mystery,

lies as through a shifting view.

It is gossamer’s seductive hinting,

that’s deplored by logic’s pride.


Music haunts the soul that’s open.

Dancing’s grace, a heart’s embrace.

In the majesty of bowing,

kaleidoscopes of life are spun.

Wonder’s kiss releases lightening.

Things so finte seem to pale.

Knowing what is only hinted,

breathes dream’s substance and prevails.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

A yearning deep within

Purpose gnaws within my heart. It is an irresistible force. Yet often it feels mindless!

The sense of direction is vague – it cries out for me to go “somewhere” and yet steps taken in any direction seem wrong!

Purpose is like a harmonic note looking for its counterpoint! It knows the counterpoint is out there but does not know where it lies and from whence it will come. So ache and dis-quiet amble hand in hand with the yearning draw to become!

Dis-comfort is uncomfortable. I can easily choose to bury it under activity or pleasure. Anything that will distract. That which roils my inner being disturbs all of life. Especially if I sit in quiet and solitude.

So much better to run and play and exhaust myself. Exhausted, I can fall into deep sleep with no preamble. It is in the transition process from busyness to sleep that I find a window opens for the echoes of my inner world to most powerfully disrupt my life rhythms and steal my rest!

Yet if I allow myself to turn and contemplate the yearning to become, I find something grand and not scary! (And, why do I think it will be scary?!)

It is a reflection of all my journey’s process. It is a call away from activity into relationship and intimacy – with myself , with you , with God. A refining of my essence that each day reveals itself with greater clarity. A purpose that is irresistible will be made known. The image of who I am is relentless. I’m made for greatness, if only I will cooperate with the creative spark that blossoms deep within, planted by a Creator who knew exactly how to craft wonder out of the essence of what I am made from.

I am made to dance with my reflection in spirit and become something more than I could ever have imagined. I become in relationship, in dynamic, in a dance that energizes synergy and completes the harmony. Found to be known and released as a gift to my world.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Wisdom’s grace

Wisdom’s grace is missed with ease,

when I listen to fancy’s breeze.

The sweet caress of easy ways,

promises hope, then leaves me dazed.


A trap is found in history’s logic

passed down for years as if its tonic.

It blocks the heart that feeds on fears,

and leaves my present in arrears.


Wisdom’s grace comes in with freedom.

It gently kisses, creates anew.

Wisdom’s quiet ways come singing,

dancing smoothly with identity’s “being”.

Author – Bill Tidsbury