Winsome is a sense most rare.

It reaches out and grasps the air.

Sparkles seem to form like dew

and suddenly things just feel renewed!

The gift flows out with such sweet peace.

Unconscious really, its full of ease.

The one who’s brushed by its caress

can feel the shift , it’s like a kiss!

The harsh can never live in this.

Their fingers always shifting blame.

The haughty rule with fiercest stare

while children innocently eat its fare.

This broken world it longs for grace,

that comes in soft with joy’s embrace.

The one who lives as winsome’s twin

will always have what work can’t win.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Mingled lives

I do believe, I’m called to live

so much beyond myself.

It matters not just where I walk.

I give myself and bless the life

that grants me some new spice.

So as I leave, I feel some grief

as hearts with life connect.

I give away and then receive,

more than I could’ve known.

Our mingled lives are better off.

We’ve touched; the other’s sown.

I live with more,

cause I’ve opened doors

and look how I have grown!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Finding your Beloved

Spirituality is really a journey towards finding your Beloved!!

Love can’t be bought!

This is a self evident truth for most of us. Yet, so often we try and figure out the price for someone’s love.

Need satisfaction can be bought.

It in fact will often go to the highest bidder.

However, love does not respond to being purchased. When love is exchanged for transaction, something in my heart  in fact rebels and rises with hate towards the offer. It is fundamentally wrong – it breaks the beauty of this treasure called love.

If I can’t push someone into love, nor scare them into love, then if I genuinely want to help a friend find the joy of spirituality fulfilled, I must be a friend long enough and know them well enough, to myself love them too! I can then join them in the intriguing journey of meeting the one their hidden desires long for, the one who appears in their dreams, the one who whispers their name in the night, the one who captivates their imagination and accelerates all their senses, the one who invites them into a unique adventure – the fulfillment of life.

This is the mystery of love! This is the crazy journey of walking together down a path of exploring our inter-connected spirituality.

Spirituality sparkles when love is at the core!

Author – Bill Tidsbury