Life’s too rich

Three dogs

roaming –

on a quest.

Trotting along,

never at rest.

Noses twitching,

tails displaying –

Life’s too rich

to be so stressed!

Author – Bill Tidsbury



Bushwhacking – A definition( http://www.freedictionary) – “To force one’s way through a forested or overgrown area where no path exists:” “Often on the verge of starvation, they bushwhacked through muskeg, forded ice-cold streams and rivers … determined to conquer a daunting land deemed impassable”“(Brenda Koller)

There is always a well travelled trail – a highway.

It goes somewhere “important”, popular or theoretically crucial.

If I see myself only through other’s eyes, I am driven to “assume” that areas with no trails are only waste places or impossibly inaccessible. We label them ”Here there be monsters” on the map of life!

Life is after all “only about” what our “culture” and our friends have chosen to praise and admire.

Or – is it?

If life is a process, and if my journey has anything at all to do with my own uniqueness, then, my path must at times appear like buswhacking!

This implies solitude, struggle, many unknowns and periods of being lost!

These aspects of life are not glamourized by many. In fact, they can be downright scary!

Yet, the vast majority of my life’s encounters with exceptional beauty, radical moments of self discovery and incredulous joy, have been off the beaten path.

The courage to step off the “chosen” path will always open the door to wonder, curiosity and discovery, if, I am not running in panicked flight ( Fear is a monster!).

When I choose this deviation from the comfortable, I meet my own uniqueness because my Creator has been waiting to meet me there!

Drink deep of the wine of being exceptional – step off the highway!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Faces that I see

All the faces that I see,

some so wrinkled, some so free.

Eyes that dance and twinkle brightly,

eyes that weep and seem so sore.

Each expression such a treasure,

gifts from life’s rich open source.

Blending easy in my spirit

mixing wine’s bouquet with more.

As I feel this journey’s weaving,

hearts within my history’s core.

I’m enriched and feel transcendent

drawn beyond by being’s that soar.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

The road it winds

This journey takes me upward,

through winding hilly roads.

At times the way seems bumpy

and ever so full of holes.

The road it winds through vales and dips

and then at times among the peaks.

It rambles by steep creeks that roar

and suddenly opens to views that soar.

I never know just what will come,

each turn is different and mostly fun.

Yet there are times of great distress

when fear rides close, with knuckles white.

My heart turns cold, I’ve slid on ice,

I sense I’m at the very edge –

and I’m about to die!

Yet, still I live and find I’m more

prepared than ever I’ve been before.

So as I wake on this new morn

I feel alive and newly born.

I will declare my birthright’s role

to waltz with hope and greet your soul!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey’s curves

To yield, to seek, to laugh, to love;

The journey flows between the hills.

The curves ahead obscure the view,

of what will flow from each day’s tread.

I wander through this novel place.

It’s full of beauty, of fragrance full,

with moments shifting from grey to blue.

Hearts are seen as caresses grace

the moments we share unseen.

Then, hope gives way to loss.

Darkness floods the gloom

yet, brightened by the rising moon.

Glorious day soon paints things bright.

Pastel glory shines upon the hills.

Life renewed –

time again to choose-

my dream!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Peace in the journey

Peace for the mind appears like a matrix.

It’s pieces are tidy and loose ends aren’t frayed.

It’s beauty arises through the flowing of symmetry

that gifts my journey, paths that have clarity.


Peace for the heart is the warmth of embrace,

in the music of feelings that kiss healing grace.

It’s beauty arises from wellsprings of love,

that sparkle around us and shield us each day.


Peace for the spirit is a lake set so still.

Its infinite glory frames my essence to “be”.

It’s beauty arises from  life’s light that births,

all of the wonder of life’s fractal mirth.

Author – Bill Tidsbury