When I dream

When I dream,

what’s deep comes free,

entwined within you  -though unseen.

In the mist

I sense a flow,

sweeping me past what I can know.


What I see

opens hope for me.

to be what dwells inside of me.

The leap I feel

sends me up high,

and so I fly beyond the sky.


Awake I smile,

the joy lives on

of hints of grace e’en though I’m worn.

I will not die,

I’ll overcome!

The fire’s kindled – now I’ve won.

Author – Bill Tidsbury



Winsome is a sense most rare.

It reaches out and grasps the air.

Sparkles seem to form like dew

and suddenly things just feel renewed!

The gift flows out with such sweet peace.

Unconscious really, its full of ease.

The one who’s brushed by its caress

can feel the shift , it’s like a kiss!

The harsh can never live in this.

Their fingers always shifting blame.

The haughty rule with fiercest stare

while children innocently eat its fare.

This broken world it longs for grace,

that comes in soft with joy’s embrace.

The one who lives as winsome’s twin

will always have what work can’t win.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Vitality

Love is vital, it’s full of jazz!

It paints the flowers bright as sky.

Its pulsing song lifts feet on heights

and makes a weary day turn light.

The jazzy beat sweeps me to dance,

and moonlit beams create eternity.

I breathe you in!

My heart bursts forth-

I cannot live without love’s light!

I’ve tasted springs of vibrant joy,

I know that sparkle’s electricity

scribes my life with love’s vivacious zing.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Treasured

It’s hard to see past trauma’s dross.

The pain and shame that fill with loss.

Yet love’s sweet fire sings beauty’s gold,

when pain’s scar’s filled with filagree so bold.

A treasure found is love’s caress.

A treasure chest that makes me blessed!

A richness swells and fills my space,

of all I’ve dreamed and lost as waste.

I dance with joy on clouds so bright

– identity spelled in love’s delight.

I’m treasured in reflections gaze –


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Transparency

To live so naked , unafraid – a child’s delight to shed what binds and hides.

To feel with skin the joy of air

and not realize that others care.

It is a dream to simply be,

so fully me and honestly

I share the joy of who I am without regard of shame or fame.

I take my place uniquely formed

to grace this space with my own form.

I shout aloud!

Love sets me free to be the one and only me –

upheld, accepted,

a delight,

a wonder given!

I’m unashamed – I’ll never hide.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Laughter’s mirth

Laughter’s mirth springs forth like surf.

It crashes in and makes heads spin.

It’s steady rhythm brings a jig

of life’s resurgent joyful wine.

It bubbles up and then explodes

in glorious waves that are so bold.

It breaks the frame, it blows the door

on all the prissy mouths that scold.

And suddenly, out in plain view

as people wet the floor

while seeking hard to catch their breath

before another spasm drowns their dread –

Life’s restored!

Author – Bill Tidsbury