Journey into Love: Transparency

To live so naked , unafraid – a child’s delight to shed what binds and hides.

To feel with skin the joy of air

and not realize that others care.

It is a dream to simply be,

so fully me and honestly

I share the joy of who I am without regard of shame or fame.

I take my place uniquely formed

to grace this space with my own form.

I shout aloud!

Love sets me free to be the one and only me –

upheld, accepted,

a delight,

a wonder given!

I’m unashamed – I’ll never hide.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Laughter’s mirth

Laughter’s mirth springs forth like surf.

It crashes in and makes heads spin.

It’s steady rhythm brings a jig

of life’s resurgent joyful wine.

It bubbles up and then explodes

in glorious waves that are so bold.

It breaks the frame, it blows the door

on all the prissy mouths that scold.

And suddenly, out in plain view

as people wet the floor

while seeking hard to catch their breath

before another spasm drowns their dread –

Life’s restored!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Life – has uncertainties

A sweet soul fights, her face is worn.

She hears of cancer and feels forlorn.

She is so poor, the cost is high,

and yet she still hopes to live, not die!

Her belly swells, it’s not a child.

The tumour grows and she needs more help.

The wait is hard as her soul cries out

for cash to pay and comfort in her trial.


A strong soul learns of cancer foul,

it grew within while career was styled.

An instant change when doctor’s words,

confirmed the fear with words so damned.

She fought with courage, she held to hope.

She had support, and doctors wise,

yet in the end her soul eloped.


The puzzle is strange, the mystery great.

We fight with all our strength and more.

Some have resources, others want,

yet, each they walk their journey on.

We hold their hands, we hope and pray

that they will live to greet each day.


One’s battle seems so strong and wise.

Another weeps, and fears to die.

The process shapes, each one unique.

We walk alone into the the deep,

and there find mystery’s speech.


It’s hard to watch, as we stand by.

The fight is in another’s hand.

We care , support and pray to see,

a friend revived, alive set free.


And when the joy becomes a feast.

We celebrate this newborn gift,

of life extended and breathe relief.


Yet others find the journey rough.

They too soon say it is enough.


So honour, love and then release.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Honours blessing

Heart’s that can be lifted upward,

yearn to see the light of day.

When they feel the Spirit’s urging,

they can breathe and so can say:

“I was drowning, scared, uncertain,

when a light shone clear as day.

Now I’m joyful, in this moment

as I dance upon my grave.’


Little words and fingers touching,

say that fragile trust’s been born.

Chains of shame lie shattered, silent.

Instead of shame, now, honour’s fame

sings with intimacy’s connection’s won.

Recognition is never status,

it is heart’s delighted trust

in one who gives and doesn’t run.


Honour’s blessing is often hidden,

as I walk life’s dusty trails.

I am living, simply giving,

who I am, with this jaded orb!

Yet the tendrils of love’s fragrance,

is a force that builds with time,

as my heart is more transparent,

and my eyes just won’t be blind.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Bushwhacking – A definition( http://www.freedictionary) – “To force one’s way through a forested or overgrown area where no path exists:” “Often on the verge of starvation, they bushwhacked through muskeg, forded ice-cold streams and rivers … determined to conquer a daunting land deemed impassable”“(Brenda Koller)

There is always a well travelled trail – a highway.

It goes somewhere “important”, popular or theoretically crucial.

If I see myself only through other’s eyes, I am driven to “assume” that areas with no trails are only waste places or impossibly inaccessible. We label them ”Here there be monsters” on the map of life!

Life is after all “only about” what our “culture” and our friends have chosen to praise and admire.

Or – is it?

If life is a process, and if my journey has anything at all to do with my own uniqueness, then, my path must at times appear like buswhacking!

This implies solitude, struggle, many unknowns and periods of being lost!

These aspects of life are not glamourized by many. In fact, they can be downright scary!

Yet, the vast majority of my life’s encounters with exceptional beauty, radical moments of self discovery and incredulous joy, have been off the beaten path.

The courage to step off the “chosen” path will always open the door to wonder, curiosity and discovery, if, I am not running in panicked flight ( Fear is a monster!).

When I choose this deviation from the comfortable, I meet my own uniqueness because my Creator has been waiting to meet me there!

Drink deep of the wine of being exceptional – step off the highway!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Child’s gift

One little smile,

charming and sweet,

shines from a girl.

coming to greet me.

Eyes while haunted

by life’s brutal mess,

still see with hope

and believe I’m the best.

A scampering motion,

and next she’s embraced,

by arms that receive her

with joy she’s released.

Contagious, infectious,

she lives with no shame.

She hasn’t yet learned

that she’s poor with no name.

Alive, still believing

in this day’s rich grace.

Enjoying the laughter

with mud on her face.

She twinkles with brilliance,

her heart so alive.

She’s blessing the world

with life from above.

Today I’ve received

a gift in my being

in the face of a child-

unbound, still believing!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Chaos –

rushing currents,

clashing in violence

as beauty weeps – shunned.

Purpose is lost so quickly!

Swirling motion dampens dream’s creative hope.

Choking pollution blinds the mind to vision’s life.

Expectancy arises, aroused by laughter’s joy.

Songs spark curiosity’s delightful vibe.

Beauty dries her tears

as birth quickens

 legacy’s voice.


Author – Bill Tidsbury