Breathing again

Blindness comes in many forms,

its shackles smooth

with links like lace.

The sweet constraint is my delight

as its embrace holds me so tight!

When ‘er some fool disturbs my ease,

I rise with fierce proclivity,

to set them straight or eliminate,

this source electric

that wakens things

that I had hoped would sleep and snore.


This shocking current that swept within,

has shone a light on all that’s dim.

The shackles bind and links they grind,

as now my monsters make life unkind.

I find the rawness in my throat

feels almost if I just might choke.

The cry within just wants to rage,

to lash out blindly and break my cage.

But I have learned that if I dare,

release what’s there and be so bare,

I’m only sickened, by this “me” so rare.


Yet now a hand that’s brave and kind,

is by my side and helps me unwind.

This one is sure and wavers not,

he seems to think what I can not!

He paints a “me”, I think I’ve lost,

this one is bright and laughs a lot.

This “me” that’s lived beneath my cage,

has been invited out on stage!

I’ve always dreamed that I could dance

but didn’t believe I had a chance,

until today I breathed again – and see!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Rising up

Rising up

through clinging fog,

roadway grips the mountain’s hip.

Valley bound never knew

the wondrous view

of breaking through!

Tantalizing hints

of light that breathes;

greyness shifts

to sky blue’s dream.

A twist, a turn

now sky’s what’s seen!

Blue so sharp ,

you’d swear that light

had been created new!

Pure light


making eyes shrink back.

Glory gleams from glistening fluff

and trees sing forth their tune.

Stumbling out

from valley’s gloom

I dance

upon a cloudy pillow top!

I’m with friends,

as I transcend

laughing with the joy of sun,

yet others – just below.

feel weight of dreary gloom.

So choose!

I live above

in day’s pure life.

Will you dwell

neath dingy grey

and simply breathe?

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Sensibilities delight

Soft; transparent; vulnerable:

these dance with sensibilities delight!

They rest as if embraced

within the arms of gentle love.

They do not rise to dominate.

They never shred and rage.

They fill the world with wonder,

flowing out of trust and grace.


They quell before the heat of hate.

seemingly crumbling into dust

as selfish greed strides forth.

Yet in the midst of turmoil’s pain

they kiss and heal stillborn’s dream!

Dull hearts are then enraged and shamed,

choking off forgotten longing’s song.

They felt this grace when mother smiled.

It echoes still, while comfort’s kiss is lost.


Trust is a bed rock firm and sure.

It frames a world with beauty’s hue.

It settles softly into silk

and opens wide communion’s milk.

Trust dances free and never stabs.

Its laughter flows as fragrant wine.

It grows majestic as the dawn

and leaves the delicacy of lace behind.

Soft, transparent, vulnerable,

This truth is lively and sublime!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Laughter

Love comes in with laughter bright.

Companions sing in whimsy’s light.

Walking through this bubbling brook

that’s love’s caress in easy peace,

while slowing floating as she wades.

Lives entwined, I breathe and move

with comfort born from a tickley kiss.

This makes me chuckle once again,

my face just shines with smile’s light.

I know I’m full, replete and still,

because I’ve felt love’s cheery bliss.

Laughter’s music’s become my song!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Generosity

Where once there was an orphan’s heart,

so full of fear and desperate hurt,

I found that love in fullness came

and broke fear’s lie – “I’ll be without!”

I’m not alone, there’s hope and more.

The future’s bright and not forlorn!

That which I have on hand is blessed,

when in your eyes I thrive and jive.

It is with joy that love o’r flows,

to give and give and then some more.

There’s laughter in a generous soul

-cause love’s great gift calls me to soar.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Sweet voice

Sweet voice swaying,

cuddling baby boy.

Breezes drifting, wrap around

a heart that found a peace.

The little girl is growing up.

She knows the caution,

she’s felt the fear

of men who grope

and men who leer

for simply being

a girl – that’s near!

Yet in this place of quiet rest,

she rests secure and sings her best.

A child that laughs,

a young girl singing-

Alive and sweet

her giggles free.

Unconscious really –

able just to be!

Author – Bill Tidsbury