Hearts that dance

Hearts that dance with the mystery of life –

feel so very much alive. They seem to glow and yet are so at rest. They have a way of breathing – that invites, and seems to promise that life does kiss you twice!

Hearts that dance with the mystery of life –

are like airy spaces with whispering touches that ignite imagination. Their harmonics resonate with all that is longing to dance in moonlight on the seashore.

Hearts that dance with the mystery of life –

are gifts that unexpectedly sweep away solitude. They open vistas of connectivity to someone that tangibly loves. They gift without making demands and open floodgates to hope.

Hearts that dance with the mystery of life –

are not alone and so pulse with tranquility, all the while feeling the torn places in people’s eyes to their bones. They embrace what is broken to spark the wonder of “being” and the joy of knowing who I am, in the context of life-giving community.

Hearts that dance with the mystery of life –

are translucent and so let light shine bright. They are transparent and authentically spark destiny’s ignition. Their presence affirms and resonates with grace that breathes new life.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


A gentle soul

A gentle soul extends her heart while all around the world betrays.

This soul breathes life and deeply gives far more than she can brave.

The mystery’s great – could be sublime, that in the dust of dirt, this beauty shines.

Her embrace soothes and then exudes the presence of a grace,

that flows from living streams and shifts eternity to breathe it within clay.


Her face – it incandesces bright.

Her touch – like living in the light.

Her eyes – like wells that make you swoon.

Her voice – its cadence lifts a tune.

Her presence – so far beyond the grave.

Her life – is shared so all my crave.


A gentle soul, she flows out of who she’s chosen.

I can be hurt and curl up hard, defending wounds deep ache,

or,  I can sing and breathe as she, to be, so care-fee giving life.

My choice today, to cancel hatred’s claim, to dance again in life’s great flame,

to live deliciously, and join a gentle soul and dance again.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Living in love

I am enthralled when hope floats and a life rises in joyful dance, grasping a future in view.

I am grounded when lives give sacrificially, to gain a future for other’s children.

I am in harmony when I am within the wonder of selfless ones who say – ‘You’re amazing!”

I am in bliss when trust is so risked, that a policeman or soldier kneels in the dust with those who grieve.

I am encouraged when I see strangers rise up to protect the defenceless and offer refuge at personal cost.

It life-giving when honesty, trust and integrity reign and create a culture of honour.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Beauty deep within

Comfort, it just feels good!

Things are ordered and controlled,

as in my world, what’s nice hugs tight!


Smooth things flow like silk.

Beauty covers what once was dirt,

and I forget the dust from whence I came.


Clean is a delight in a dirt filled world.

Bright colours sing, coating grey water’s swirl,

until need shatters the veneer of my ease.


Moments rise that define the essence of delight.

Ephemeral magic dissolves as day dawns bright.

Does beauty reside deep within or ride upon the wind?

Author – Bill Tidsbury

As a child

Paper planes, they sure can soar.

They flip and play as breezes flow.

So kids can jump and then they squeal,

as bright sky hugs these plane’s that fly.


A rope’s an imaginary anchor for a pirate ship at sea,

but also serves to hang upon when swinging from a tree.


Things that flash,

that spin and swirl,

invite a child’s mind

to twirl.

Now I’m a child-

and laugh transparently.

What joy it is to play

as wonder sings in me.


– And so –


The hint of kiss within eternity

lights life as I sip upon my tea.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Street vendor

People gather,

then they chatter,

round what looks  to be a basket.

Local seller

her name’s Mariela,

has a charm that makes her stellar.

Fruit that’s juicy,

greens so fresh,

and her smile just makes me grin!

So while standing-

we all must visit,

neath the shade – it’s quite exquisite.

Until the moment

when i’m choosing,

veggies crisp, I’ll soon be eating.




whiff’s impression

rises smoothly,

spilling from this pan now steaming.

Children gather,

some may shove,

seeking meal’s gift flavoured with love.

Author – Bill Tidsbury