Strewn jewels


Strewn jewels-

light’s scattered sparkle!

Hidden patterns!  Unconscious awareness!

Groping hands seek fallen diamonds.

Collecting your soul is never easy.

Grace’s anointing transforms healing’s process into beauty.

Patience’s song sings quietly in counterpoint.

Believing to rest requires immanence.

Soul’s desire meeting hope.

Gentleness grasps me!

Face down.


Author – Bill Tidsbury


Fireflies and Romance

Fireflies in the dark, small beacons of light. They seem so relaxed as they move in the night.

Stars up above, glow down below, the night just feels right with these companions in tow.

Stillness wraps snugly as fragrance wafts silkily, peace sings softly as leaves sway the trees.

Insights like sprinkles that freshen my face, breathe coolness of life to revive what’s displaced.

Quiet awakes memories that rise from the depths, reminding of blessings filled with His breath.

Peace is my anchor and trust is the clasp that holds my whole heart in the folds of romance.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Until I met you


mental blankness

that devours truth

and feeds on lies.

Anguish that consoles with shame!

Eyes that shrink when seeing light,

shock the mind and plead for flight.

When hope was lost I cried

  then buried pain and dreamed.

Until I met you!

Light shone through.

Joy danced-


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Spirit connections

Paths of light radiate in streaming fluid fire- liquid gold – Incandescent journeys through to destiny!

Light calls forth light. Glory splashes and dazzles glory. The yearning harmonies of light inviting the dance of lightness – opening childlike delight and laughter. A heart melded into symphony with Immanuel.

This is the Father’s invitation to join Him within. Intimacy, in the midst of fire! Present within a vaulted cathedral – expansive sapphire blue – harmonies coalescing into substance. Inheritance crystallized on the tendrils of faithful love – gently offered – lifted high and returning heavy with the dew of Heaven that shatters dark earthen barrenness. Life opens into the infinity of magnificent Hope.

Life of the Lover! Joy of the captivated!

Author – Bill Tidsbury



Light enfolded-

kaleidoscope of beauty.

Palette pressed into white.

Uniqueness seemingly lost – blinding light!

Glorious company enthralled by lover’s blaze.

Rest comes in fullness. Everything is won.

Vastness opens to prism’s keen face.

Tumbling rainbows lift heart’s hope.

Specially “Me”! Destiny found!

Grace sculpting light.

Vitality’s embrace.


Author – Bill Tidsbury


The word “promise” reverberates through the years, it crashes headlong into obstacles.

Promise is relentless and enduring. Promise calls forth Faith; it enlivens Hope; it’s embrace is one of joy to the longing human heart.

Each of our hearts longs for promise.


Listen to the echoes residing in  your own heart!

I yearn for promise in this broken world of ours – there is great sorrow – and yet, can you hear the underlay of the whispered commitments of your loving God?

They soak into crevices and crannies, seeking entry into the stony wasteland of a human heart.

Promise stirs up life.

Promise is a good Word – a grand Word. It is a full Word.

Promise speaks of heart desire – it speaks of future. It speaks of me – my secret desire and hope; my  yearnings after meaning and purpose.

Promise sparkles and glows in the darkness.

It takes on a  life of its own – its irrepressible! Yet — so much promise is buried deep in the rubble of a life lived in the sorrow of a fallen world. Promise has become a distant echo from our youth. It becomes a wistful smile – wishing – “if only it could be true!” – but cold reality takes up all the  room on the floor of our mind.

We outgrow promise. We’ve all felt the process!

We “wise up” to the truth – the glaring brutalities of life.

We have left fairy tales behind.

And yet — Promise still is an echo that can suddenly enflame a human heart.

So, if we are honest, we know that Promise can scare us.

It is so inviting, it seems so possible -if we could only let ourselves go with it.

But — we have done this before, and I remember I’ve been burned. So, I have learned a powerful lesson. Promise tastes best at a distance!

And yet—-

Promise calls to me,

Promise sings to me,

Promise haunts me – saying –

“ There is something more”.

So again, I stand in so many ways torn between Hope and despair. I quietly suffer and endure life. I do find my path through which to travel this confusing maze.

And still — Promise is a light, an invitation to turn in, to Believe.

Will I entrust my life to the Call?

Will I choose to recklessly abandon the compromises I have learned?

Will I rise up and chase down the God breathed  desire in my heart – to be known fully;

to know expansively;

to meet His gaze;

to be undone by Love?

To release myself to the glory of Promise and see life change and finally know I am who I was called to be.


Author – Bill Tidsbury

New Day

Frosty hills, set on fire,

new delight here freshly set,

purpose and laughter rising freely

life is grand!

Eyes are drawn to look beyond,

hills and light slide into view,

Heaven’s moment is always ready,

When eyes look up!

Quiet city, still in darkness,

People sleeping and unaware,

Above their heads, heaven has opened.

New day’s offering!

Clear blue brightness, full of promise,

sky’s great vastness , open to view.

Here I sit in wonder waiting,

for my love!

The promise of brilliance, sets my course,

Unshaken while all things shake,

Bright Hope surging, lights my mountains,

In You I live!

Friends and family, all together,

lift my heart to dance a jig

I am known, I am grounded,

Fire paves my way!