Peace in the journey

Peace for the mind appears like a matrix.

It’s pieces are tidy and loose ends aren’t frayed.

It’s beauty arises through the flowing of symmetry

that gifts my journey, paths that have clarity.


Peace for the heart is the warmth of embrace,

in the music of feelings that kiss healing grace.

It’s beauty arises from wellsprings of love,

that sparkle around us and shield us each day.


Peace for the spirit is a lake set so still.

Its infinite glory frames my essence to “be”.

It’s beauty arises from  life’s light that births,

all of the wonder of life’s fractal mirth.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


i go

When i go

beyond words

to give voice to the awe,

there’s a place that exists that enfolds an abyss.

It’s always not far,


flees from my grasp, ’til finally i know that i’ve stepped through a door.

The mind is expansive yet limited still. It simply can’t  frame things that grasp outer stars.


as i experience the surge and the bloom, i find themes unfolding as beauty sings parts.

The moment’s explosive,

and everything’s still,

while merely by breathing

i twist in my will.

Open is crazy and safe is behind, as i meld with One who’s made beauty defined.

There are 

simply          no          words,

and boxes are gone,


finite is bound between sense and the mind.

Stepping beyond

is so easy

and real

when Spirit’s set free in a heart that’s not steel.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


I see anew

Different ways of being,

perceptions shift and change.

What seems so natural to me,

is strange and cumbersome

when another dances with me.


Actions bring reactions,

irritations loom quite large.

I can not seem to grasp –

your thinking is deranged!

I hide – I’ve met a beast outside!


My  mind so quickly ciphers,

that your seeking  to abuse.

So my best protection’s

to avoid the strange in you

and so be safe – secure, alone!


Yet then I see within you,

an innocence divine!

You truly are releasing,

a strange shift in my pride.

I see again – but what surprise!


Curiosity finds an answer,

when I listen to your sighs.

You really are creating,

a harmonious ensemble

to my perfect enterprise!


Mental mindsets box me,

within simplistic jails.

So easy just to ridicule,

your tune which I can’t hear.

Until unchained, I hear anew!

Author – Bill Tidsbury