Moments flow

Stepping into what come next,

I’m aware that mystery’s there.

What I know will soon be past;

what is coming, never lasts!

Moments flow through fingertips,

smooth as glass and soft as silk.

In that moment in-between,

– how does meaning flow within?


When I choose to not attend,

precious gold looks old – not bold!

When I reach with light caress,

spectrum’s palate creates a splash.

Captured brightly in the flow,

life’s delight comes in to glow.

Moments in the slippery stream,

leap to dance in future’s fame.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Life – has uncertainties

A sweet soul fights, her face is worn.

She hears of cancer and feels forlorn.

She is so poor, the cost is high,

and yet she still hopes to live, not die!

Her belly swells, it’s not a child.

The tumour grows and she needs more help.

The wait is hard as her soul cries out

for cash to pay and comfort in her trial.


A strong soul learns of cancer foul,

it grew within while career was styled.

An instant change when doctor’s words,

confirmed the fear with words so damned.

She fought with courage, she held to hope.

She had support, and doctors wise,

yet in the end her soul eloped.


The puzzle is strange, the mystery great.

We fight with all our strength and more.

Some have resources, others want,

yet, each they walk their journey on.

We hold their hands, we hope and pray

that they will live to greet each day.


One’s battle seems so strong and wise.

Another weeps, and fears to die.

The process shapes, each one unique.

We walk alone into the the deep,

and there find mystery’s speech.


It’s hard to watch, as we stand by.

The fight is in another’s hand.

We care , support and pray to see,

a friend revived, alive set free.


And when the joy becomes a feast.

We celebrate this newborn gift,

of life extended and breathe relief.


Yet others find the journey rough.

They too soon say it is enough.


So honour, love and then release.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Seeing fresh

Young girl scowls- she is so bored

as boat plows on so endlessly.

Shifts can come so quietly

when someone helps to shift our gaze.

Blind and sleepy boredom jolts awake

with creative spark’s awakening flare.

Light it dances on the waves.

Coral seas paint randomly.

Colours flow beneath the bow,

while up above, tern’s antics sing such joy.

Mysterious cays emerge in mist –

the feeling’s like she’s caught in dreams!

Eyes – they’ve opened and they’ve seen.



life’s peculiar grace sings in harmony.

Girl’s eyes sparkle as if alive!

T’is only beauty’s awakening

within her natural form.


Seeing fresh’s a gift!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Dream’s substance

Deep within,  my world is vast,

most lies hidden, still unseen.

For the contours of the known

colour in the field of dreams.

All the substance of the mystery,

lies as through a shifting view.

It is gossamer’s seductive hinting,

that’s deplored by logic’s pride.


Music haunts the soul that’s open.

Dancing’s grace, a heart’s embrace.

In the majesty of bowing,

kaleidoscopes of life are spun.

Wonder’s kiss releases lightening.

Things so finte seem to pale.

Knowing what is only hinted,

breathes dream’s substance and prevails.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

On being the One.

Young girl with eyes so bright,

listens with hope instead of fright.

The hope is strong, I can feel the shift,

of power found, of dreams that lift.

The spirit deep within her feels,

the awakening hint of sparks that flare.

She senses deep within a force.

that yearns for her to dance of course!

The music hints of a grander role,

so tied to dreams once only mourned.

Her breath at moments, is caught and held,

as mystery sings and her heart just rings.

It all connects with the Spirit’s breath,

whose fire inspires as she flees her death.

The power flows freely to break the chains,

of life that’s lived under fears domain.


She sits up straighter-

her eyes are clear!

There’s steel in her backbone!

There’s strength in her arm!

She’s stepped out of passive

she’s ready to run,

with dreams that inspire

to actually become!


The sun still is shining, the rain will still fall,

but she has become the valiant, the One!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Threads of beauty

In the tumult of the hectic, in the rawness of running cold, it can seem turmoil’s ceaseless pounding robs away life’s treasured gold.

I can sense the thread of beauty, flowing through the crashing waves; in these glimpses of perfection, I can grasp – I’m not a slave.

When alone the turmoil thickens, then I feel the need to roam.  When I feel your hand enfold me, it is then I find my home.

Learning quiet, as I’m racing, it’s never easy, always rough. Yet, through gentleness in wisdom,  I find a peace that is enough.

I am strong, yet also needy. I am made to rest in  you. I can reach up to the mountains when I’m energized anew.

Life can so so very fleeting. It’s the joys that make it fly. Yet these moments, when remembered, call me deep into your eyes.

How I see you and I see me, it all flows in harmony. When I settle into stillness,  I’m transformed by mystery.

Author – Bill Tidsbury