Island life

Walking with the burning sun.

Feeling, a breeze kissing me lightly,

in the heat.

Sweating,I can feel sun on my back.

Resting, when I’m shaded from its rays-

tis so sweet.


Curious, locals watch – white baking pink.

Smiles beam brightly, enjoying the breeze-


Questions rise – “What’s it like when its cold?”

Shivering slightly, they grimace feeling fear

of icy cold!


Strolling, enjoying peace as cool descends-

hearing parrot’s raucous noisy flight –

heading home.

Moonlight bathing volcano’s massive slope.

Night displays sky’s starry glorious light.

Day’s gift lived!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Rain’s kiss

A roar!

It rumbles and draws near,

as rain leaps out from pillows soft to die.


The sound as leaves bend neath the weight

of winds that rend with storm’s intent.

It brings alacrity to feet,

that sense – the need to flee!

Relentless, as it sweeps along,

the end of sun has just begun!


And then with haste, comes one drop’s splat.

The dust explodes – one drop kissed earth!

The instant frozen; it’s now begun

as clouds upend the gift that comes.


All things exposed are sweetly cleaned,

as torrents frame the ground in streams.

The heat that coiled is swept away

and in its place fresh coolness lays.

And so the heavens engage with earth,

to breathe in life and swell for birth.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Rising up

Rising up

through clinging fog,

roadway grips the mountain’s hip.

Valley bound never knew

the wondrous view

of breaking through!

Tantalizing hints

of light that breathes;

greyness shifts

to sky blue’s dream.

A twist, a turn

now sky’s what’s seen!

Blue so sharp ,

you’d swear that light

had been created new!

Pure light


making eyes shrink back.

Glory gleams from glistening fluff

and trees sing forth their tune.

Stumbling out

from valley’s gloom

I dance

upon a cloudy pillow top!

I’m with friends,

as I transcend

laughing with the joy of sun,

yet others – just below.

feel weight of dreary gloom.

So choose!

I live above

in day’s pure life.

Will you dwell

neath dingy grey

and simply breathe?

Author – Bill Tidsbury

The cold and I

Frosty air crawls down my neck,

cool fingers stiffening hairs so fine!

The shivers that sweep up my spine,

remind me that the sun’s gone blind.


I thought – it’ll only take a moment-

but tingles as my fingers wiggle,

warn hands have felt the lack.

Poor hands –

They’re dying from north wind’s attack!


I race within a beckoning door,

to bundle up and brave the cold.

I meant to only run outside

to sweep the snow and be so bold!


Now bundled up with boot and mitt,

I bravely face my foe with grit.

I’m only prone to shiver when,

that snow sneaks through to kiss my skin!

Author – Bill Tidsbury