Toads, Snakes and Hope

Toads on the sidewalk, snakes on the road, life in the tropics- a sight to behold. Sweat runs down freely, food comes with spice, you never know who’s coming over tonight! Life is much simpler, laughter is bold, even when hearts face fears never told.

Trust is a treasure, hope is a joy, people believe when life bares the soul. Children coming running, arms are thrown wide, when Freedom comes dancing with sensitive eyes. A hug breaks despair, a tear stings the eye, together is stronger with you by my side.

Water drips down, rain soaks the ground, rivers run muddy as storms shout their sound. Fruit falls down loudly, drumming tin roofs, silence is squeezed when night jams with sound. Breezes warm whispers lift heat’s heavy load, as friends relax quietly sipping what’s cold.

Meaning gives purpose, peace shatters fear, vastness entices when destiny’s near. Words shape my focus, songs lift my heart, surely becoming more than I thought. Experience widens, mentors give scope, journey’s adventure is fuelled with hope.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Kids and bullfrogs

Massive bullfrog sitting in the shade,

minding his own as the heat holds sway,

Along comes a boy and wouldn’t you know,

the frog’s lost his chance to doze today.


The bullfrog’s big, the child you can see,

wants to know how long his legs may be.

He soon finds a stick and with just one tap

this boring day’s music turned into a rap.


The bull frog’s wise, the boy has a will,

the frog flips a flop as he dives down the hill.

He splashes with aplomb in a nice green scum

hoping he can hide or just play dumb.


The little boy’s quick, he’s learning with glee

that one push from a stick makes big things flee.

He probes and he pokes and carefully explores,

till the water erupts with a beast that soars!


The bullfrog decides, he no longer can play,

so he heads to the hills to hide under some clay.

He scrambles and jumps until quickly he finds

a quiet cave to protect his behind.


The moral you see, is plain I may say,

one flips a day by appreciating delay.

To open our eyes and curiously engage,

to laugh and romp in my day’s shifted page!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

What is life to me

Like the wildness of open country, and the thrill of mountain tops comes life in each encounter to delight my beating heart. Life steps in as vast as craggy peaks disappearing off into the haze. Yet it is captured in a meeting of the eyes, the instant when two souls engage and graciously reveal their inner core. That moment is an act of trust, of generosity, of vulnerability, of hope and of kindness shared. Just two souls greeting each other’s uniqueness – giving birth to  precious astonishment. Life shared willingly across a gulf of solitude.

Life is the warmth and serenity of a warm summer forest floor – pine scent arising, breezes meandering. It is captured in the merry sound of a tumbling brook that splashes through cool mossy canyons and lazily opens up in sun dappled pools. It is seen in the stillness of being accepted, the assurance of being – settled into identity; confident that purpose and meaning come together in my own uniqueness that releases me to smile with myself!

Life rings out in the intensity of a powerful storm, whose thunder shakes and rumbles as only tropical thunderheads do and then release torrents of rain that are warm and glorious. It is felt in the vastness of a cold starry night when stars leap out at you with brilliance;  when a shooting star trailing across the darkness shocks you with its glowing wonder, leaving you breathless. It is possessed when spirit opens up the stunning reality that experience is much vaster than any physical sense can contain. When a stretching into eternity occurs that overloads the physical circuits and shatters the boundaries of the mind. There is a vibrancy that answers dreams of beauty and produces concepts that have no words. It opens a thirst that is unquenchable and yet so surfeit – in the same breath!

Life is grasped in that flash of fear when adrenaline rushes through. An electric jolt occurs when one small step almost brings death searing into the soul. I see the place below where on the rocks I would have flown!

Life is not alone! Life is relational, Life has a name! Life’s grace is blessed, when shared and savoured as the smoothest wine. It goes down slowly and warms the palate as friends and family create a legacy of being that is written indelibly even after I no longer walk around inside this home.

This is life to me!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Destiny’s throne

Birds song fills the air when light is bright.

Frogs thrum loudly when shadows fall.

Through it all the river runs, within its predetermined course.

Lizards feint and flee the field, when sun’s warmth prompts their moves in day.

Nightfall brings the buzz of beetles as they flirt with beacons in the dark.

All these creatures each have rhythm. The dance of life within their frame.

Flowing – always seeking substance. Function filling destiny’s aim.


A world in green is filled with beauty.

Shadowed by a sky so blue.

When the colours shift within it, life displays it’s brilliance born

as the tarnish of destruction steals away some vibrant hue.

In the process of survival, loss bursts forth as stains that roam.

Yet in the midst of struggles failure, something rich still lifts its head.

New growth blossoms, hope emerges, even when the colour’s all are bled.


Death and life seem all entangled, collisions forming in a maze.

Still the grace that calls me upward, kisses  barrenness once again.

Process always is unfolding, change is part of this grand play.

Delicacy – it seems so fragile, so at risk of harshness’s roar.

Yet in moments of reflection, I glimpse transformation’s glory.

As this journey is unfolding, life delights to sing its song.

As I learn to dance within it, my destiny’s throne.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Good Morning!

How to start my day, as the sun reaches out to play, across the wall and slowly say,I’m alive – to walk again with  wonder spun?

    To see a delicate butterfly,

iridescent in blue, flitting across the landscape dancing with no dance floor in view.

To drink in the surge of the wave form,                      cresting and crashing ashore,

playfully racing to greet, each glint of its journey’s end.

Sinking in gentle warm water,

embracing the salt as it swirls.

My face can only see blueness,

resting in ocean’s caress.

Flowers that wave in the breezes,

visually shouting their song,

laughing in all of the glory,

this day has only begun!

Branches as massive as tree trunks, lazily stretching to shade, sun dappled shadows now playing beneath a sultry hot sky.

Winged creatures now soar unending,

circling in endless slow flight,

weaving the currents that loft them,

into patterns that capture my sight.

Life is ever before me, offering hope each new day.

 Rising – with courage now calling, feeling my cool shower’s spray!


I live gently knowing,

Beauty’s gift comes in a sigh.

Whispers that comfort and hold me,

my Lover’s birthright says “Hi!!”

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Meeting dissonance



Firecracker’s late night bang.

Why am I not tickled?

Should I not be awake as well ?




extended to a gringo.

Humble hearts give grace

without regard to race or face.




reaching past the wall.

It seems they’re framed by filth!

Barrier’s gift grants ease, protecting wealth.




must be someone’s precious pet.

Up close, mangy/scrawny,

The poor man’s alarm technology!




keep you safe from harm.

Unless you trip and sprawl,

into the open sewer’s maw!




I’ve only started sweeping,

Yet it feels like hell,

and my back is already weeping!




gifted with free land!

Surprise that rain delivers,

a pool that’s really someone’s sewer.




Pounding on tin roofs.

The roar’s amazing!

Whose wagon train rumbled by on hoof?




Selling water bags.

Vulnerable yet artful,

groped by many hands – she feels so dull.




Old man staring emptily.

Waiting just to die

while souls rush by despairingly.




Peering at me in hope.

All humanity’s cries,

Encapsulated in one sigh!




The sudden shift in sky.

Darkness comes on wing,

and now the frogs and crickets sing.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Hearing differently

I used to sleep when I was awake! I often missed the sound of quiet desperation in the hearts around my busy life. I used to think that answers always spoke perfection and silenced all dispute! Then I woke up and realized I needed to hear life sing!

I went to sleep last night,listening to the dogs bark. It was intriguing as I counted over 20 distinct voices in the course of drifting into dreams! Funny, how a person walking down a street creates a symphony!

I woke up last night, feeling strange! All the dogs were silent! Mind you, it was after 2 AM! Even my friends the crickets and the frogs were silent. So, I enjoyed silence with still night breezes flowing over my head as I drifted back to sleep!

I woke up this morning as the light was dawning. The call to wakefulness came from roosters crowing announcing the demise of night. Of course the splash of songbirds that awaken the day are the perfect celebration to being alive in  a new day!

I remember my last night in Canada on Thursday. The walls were cold and chilly, the windows closed  yet with the sighing sound of a cold wind outside. Inside, if I stepped near, I could hear the sweet sound of children dreaming!

I live between two worlds, and two realities. One is cold and wealthy, the other is warm and quite distressed. The worlds collide in my head as I shift from quiet- to constant vocalization, from ample provision – to desperate poverty. Yet in both worlds, life sings beautifully. I just need to hear differently!

Author – Bill Tidsbury