Hope is won

Sweet embrace!

A child breathes,

so relaxed in gentle ease.

Life is complex,

life grinds down,

yet still a child

with peace is found.

Turmoil stirs

a darkening world,

while hearts hold dear

some sweet caress.

Hope is won

while all seems lost,

when gentle hearts

can still hold on.

Author – Bill Tidsbury



Winsome is a sense most rare.

It reaches out and grasps the air.

Sparkles seem to form like dew

and suddenly things just feel renewed!

The gift flows out with such sweet peace.

Unconscious really, its full of ease.

The one who’s brushed by its caress

can feel the shift , it’s like a kiss!

The harsh can never live in this.

Their fingers always shifting blame.

The haughty rule with fiercest stare

while children innocently eat its fare.

This broken world it longs for grace,

that comes in soft with joy’s embrace.

The one who lives as winsome’s twin

will always have what work can’t win.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Laughter

Love comes in with laughter bright.

Companions sing in whimsy’s light.

Walking through this bubbling brook

that’s love’s caress in easy peace,

while slowing floating as she wades.

Lives entwined, I breathe and move

with comfort born from a tickley kiss.

This makes me chuckle once again,

my face just shines with smile’s light.

I know I’m full, replete and still,

because I’ve felt love’s cheery bliss.

Laughter’s music’s become my song!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Sweet voice

Sweet voice swaying,

cuddling baby boy.

Breezes drifting, wrap around

a heart that found a peace.

The little girl is growing up.

She knows the caution,

she’s felt the fear

of men who grope

and men who leer

for simply being

a girl – that’s near!

Yet in this place of quiet rest,

she rests secure and sings her best.

A child that laughs,

a young girl singing-

Alive and sweet

her giggles free.

Unconscious really –

able just to be!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey into Love: Peace

Love’s peace is deep-

a glorious ocean’s worth of vastness found

within a stillness that resounds.

There something solid, grounded firm

within a love that knows no bounds.

The limits fade beyond the glow

where crystal smooth meets sky.

The gleam is full with colours bright

in waves of dancing light.

I know, so deep within, I’ve found,

I’ll never be more sure than now,

of how love’s tide swept me safe

then wrapped me round

and holds my heart

in stillness that’s profound.

Author – Bill Tidsbury