What plight

Locked within my known shores,

I look with wonder as others soar.

I would so love to fly up free,

while holding tight to this my way.


The blue of skies can be so pure,

It’s shocking really first to see.

The shock soon fades with eyes shut tight –

I can not leave my known shores.


A voice still whispers that I might

arise so free, and then take flight.

There’s something deep that reaches out,

I squeeze it hard in case it shouts.


I choose to live with silenced heart,

it’s safe to dwell on barren shores.

I cannot frame a different form,

than one with wings so weak and shorn.


Persistent still the voice calls out.

Reminding me of blue skies bright.

I wonder if some other day,

I might leap up and leave my plight?

Author – Bill Tidsbury


I see anew

Different ways of being,

perceptions shift and change.

What seems so natural to me,

is strange and cumbersome

when another dances with me.


Actions bring reactions,

irritations loom quite large.

I can not seem to grasp –

your thinking is deranged!

I hide – I’ve met a beast outside!


My  mind so quickly ciphers,

that your seeking  to abuse.

So my best protection’s

to avoid the strange in you

and so be safe – secure, alone!


Yet then I see within you,

an innocence divine!

You truly are releasing,

a strange shift in my pride.

I see again – but what surprise!


Curiosity finds an answer,

when I listen to your sighs.

You really are creating,

a harmonious ensemble

to my perfect enterprise!


Mental mindsets box me,

within simplistic jails.

So easy just to ridicule,

your tune which I can’t hear.

Until unchained, I hear anew!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Climate change

Coldness is its own form of aggression. Courtesy frowns on killing, but “we” all have agreed “we” can live without what “you” have to offer. Knives can not slice so keenly as the freezing burn of that cold stare. With closed hearts, we’ve agreed, be gone!

Acknowledged  – attempts to give space. It is a quiet reserve that says “I’m not sure that you can ever understand”. The vibes clearly say that you don’t belong, but it is too awkward to slam the door, so we let you in – on the edge. You can watch and we hope you won’t cause harm.

Well received is more formal.Caution’s history invokes arms length chitchat. Conversations lag as uncertainty reigns when your place is not yet assigned!. Testing evolves as partners dance seeking to safely sample this stranger’s plans – are they for good or harm? Strangers just feel awkward!

Warm embraces feel powerful. Hearts that open, eyes that see. Words sparkle as exploration’s journey meets the joy of hearts that sing. A place is found; a story is formed. Inclusion builds bridges and trust picks up hearts in its embrace.

Fire’s laughter, squeals of joy. Passion meets its echo and squanders somber silence’s dignity. Liquid joy drips on a cheek while coherence loses face. Life is vital, life feels great, when love’s elixir burns its way into the soul.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Rapid Transit


looking down;

nervous they might see,


in someone’s eyes.


flowing busily.

I hurry to go faster,


I’ll miss something.


Flash mysteriously.

Messages in headphones,


reassurance now.


in cocoons.

Safety exists within.


yet still afraid!


meeting others.

Hoping to find a smile!


comes in living!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Hiding safely!


everywhere there’s walls.

Here, nicely arranged with beautiful flowers.

There, purple contrasted with brilliant yellow!

Hiding immovable foundations,

keeping people out!

Safety lies within,

Until I’m all alone!

Alone –

it feels good at first, when I’m feeling scared.

It’s kind of cozy, sort of like home-

yet missing the familiar fragrance of life.

It seems reasonable!

It feels wise.

Why does it feel like a cage?

Hearts –

I sense beauty in your eyes!

Life, it invites to playful grace.

I fall within your walls and find

a city on a hill!

Transparency heals my wings,

I laugh and then I soar!

Together is better than one!

Life’s smile


knowing blessing,

celebrating diverse harmonies.

Tranquility sustaining peaceful stillness.

Creative energies focusing boundless curiosity.

Truly seeing the moments, engaging passionately.

Wind blowing, storm crashing, wines vitality tasted!

Life’s smile, laughter shared by firelight.

Intimacy embraced, heart to heart.

Possibility ripening in season.

Safety without walls.

Tastes good!


Author – Bill Tidsbury