Dreams still shine

Dirty faces,

unkempt hair,

children playing

while despair skulks

ready to maul hearts.


Dirt floors,

yet still swept clean!

Woman struggles,

keeping things neat,

as life leaks out.


Eyes bright,

sparkles dance;

dreams still shine,

even as

shame roars its lies.


Sun shines,

grace lives!

Gentle smile

sits in the dust

as fierce love blooms.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Breathing again

Blindness comes in many forms,

its shackles smooth

with links like lace.

The sweet constraint is my delight

as its embrace holds me so tight!

When ‘er some fool disturbs my ease,

I rise with fierce proclivity,

to set them straight or eliminate,

this source electric

that wakens things

that I had hoped would sleep and snore.


This shocking current that swept within,

has shone a light on all that’s dim.

The shackles bind and links they grind,

as now my monsters make life unkind.

I find the rawness in my throat

feels almost if I just might choke.

The cry within just wants to rage,

to lash out blindly and break my cage.

But I have learned that if I dare,

release what’s there and be so bare,

I’m only sickened, by this “me” so rare.


Yet now a hand that’s brave and kind,

is by my side and helps me unwind.

This one is sure and wavers not,

he seems to think what I can not!

He paints a “me”, I think I’ve lost,

this one is bright and laughs a lot.

This “me” that’s lived beneath my cage,

has been invited out on stage!

I’ve always dreamed that I could dance

but didn’t believe I had a chance,

until today I breathed again – and see!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Waiting’s hard

Raging, when the waiting’s hard;

seething as the shackles call.

Crying in the midst of pain.

Doubled up enduring shame.


An echo trapped within my core

can resonate and damn my soul.

This howl of rage can only frame

the yearning need to escape my blame.


Searing wounds jar melodic strains;

they echo with no friend to name.

The rawness of the strident call

flows in-between death’s awful pall.


All rivers trapped must find their flow.

For all things course to places low.

So when true life oe’r flows what’s numb,

that’s when sweet grace and mercy come.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Learning to live in Eden

Children dazzle, then they squabble!

Life is full of twists and turns.

When what’s wanted is unrequited,

how do I live and then not mourn?

When what hurt leaps up to wrestle,

things once hidden leap forth to scare.

Will I gently walk beside you,

or stir your shame to still my roar?

It is mercy’s grace that kisses,

in moments of greatest need,

as a heart attuned to wisdom,

does caress your proffered hand.

Then together, forgiveness flowing,

and with eyes now gentled, kind,

children learn to live in Eden

even while wearing shoes that bind.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Eye’s delight

Eyes are bright, so full of light!

Sparkles glow in eyes that know.

Innocence weeps when shame is deep,

yet love softens this dagger’s glares.

Child’s eyes are sweet yet wise.

Ancient souls have sight as gold.

Pupil’s whisper brings love’s shiver.

Giggles flicker in windows glitter

Eyes that speak they give us meat.

Eye’s delight can shift our plight.

When my eye will close I die.

Yet, in your eye my life can fly.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Patterns form

Little boys, full of fight, never stopping always poking!

There’s a restless stream of fierceness,

striving always to lift its voice.

When confined within injustice, never certain, always hurt;

what flows out is quite malicious,

quick to lash out , then to clout.


Little boys , while still uncertain, quickly learn that strong is good.

They have seen that muscles shoving,

get one more than crying’s shame.

So the patterns form with function, covering up their broken pain.

They are quick to snatch and wrestle

for what’s seen as their’s to gain.


Little boys can still be wounded, even when conscience is seared.

They are still so needing strong arms,

to embrace and sooth their fears.

When a trust can be ignited, in the glory of Father’s love,

what emerges is quite astounding-

the reflection of image found.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Until you sneeze

Sun – when it is frosty looks so nice!

Its warm, you say –

until outside!

Cold – penetrates and burns like fire!

Fiercely resists

life’s home fire.

Light – shines in life, sparking desire;

promising hope

feeding fire.

Shame – grabs by the throat

and shakes my soul-

getting my goat!

Sun’s Life –  opens laughter with childish ease,

tickles fancy

before you sneeze!

Shame’s cold -freezes hell and shatters peace,

until you sneeze!

Now- be free!

Author – Bill Tidsbury