Eye’s delight

Eyes are bright, so full of light!

Sparkles glow in eyes that know.

Innocence weeps when shame is deep,

yet love softens this dagger’s glares.

Child’s eyes are sweet yet wise.

Ancient souls have sight as gold.

Pupil’s whisper brings love’s shiver.

Giggles flicker in windows glitter

Eyes that speak they give us meat.

Eye’s delight can shift our plight.

When my eye will close I die.

Yet, in your eye my life can fly.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Patterns form

Little boys, full of fight, never stopping always poking!

There’s a restless stream of fierceness,

striving always to lift its voice.

When confined within injustice, never certain, always hurt;

what flows out is quite malicious,

quick to lash out , then to clout.


Little boys , while still uncertain, quickly learn that strong is good.

They have seen that muscles shoving,

get one more than crying’s shame.

So the patterns form with function, covering up their broken pain.

They are quick to snatch and wrestle

for what’s seen as their’s to gain.


Little boys can still be wounded, even when conscience is seared.

They are still so needing strong arms,

to embrace and sooth their fears.

When a trust can be ignited, in the glory of Father’s love,

what emerges is quite astounding-

the reflection of image found.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Until you sneeze

Sun – when it is frosty looks so nice!

Its warm, you say –

until outside!

Cold – penetrates and burns like fire!

Fiercely resists

life’s home fire.

Light – shines in life, sparking desire;

promising hope

feeding fire.

Shame – grabs by the throat

and shakes my soul-

getting my goat!

Sun’s Life –  opens laughter with childish ease,

tickles fancy

before you sneeze!

Shame’s cold -freezes hell and shatters peace,

until you sneeze!

Now- be free!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Until I met you


mental blankness

that devours truth

and feeds on lies.

Anguish that consoles with shame!

Eyes that shrink when seeing light,

shock the mind and plead for flight.

When hope was lost I cried

  then buried pain and dreamed.

Until I met you!

Light shone through.

Joy danced-


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Vulnerability fulfilled

I need.

To long for and to feel deep lack, presents an interesting encounter with myself!

When I long for something that I lack – I meet the shattering reality of vulnerability.

In vulnerability, I am exposed! I feel naked.



This moment is either great freedom – or a shocking encounter with vulnerability/ weakness.

Freedom -if I’ve learned the glory of being beloved, desirable, unrestricted and unashamed.

Weak – if I feel exposed, open to ridicule, aggressive depersonalization and risking harm.

Shame tells me which way I went.


To yearn.

If I cry for that which I can not exist without, I find hopelessness waiting at the door.

Unrequited longing is exhausting! Who needs it??

So I bury it and pretend that I can survive independently.


To be.

This calls out of me a humility that reveals my character. I am complete yet vulnerable.

My life’s trauma does not determine my humility. Humility arises through courage.

Have I risen to the challenge of facing that my natural state is naked!


I receive!

The wonder of the gift of love comes in my weakness and acknowledged need.

I need you! I stand naked and unashamed knowing that vulnerability releases greatness.

In your eyes I find me and am infinitely fulfilled!

Author – Bill Tidsbury