Learning stillness

Waiting in stillness takes time to evolve.

At first there is clutter that doesn’t dissolve.

The stillness is riven by thunder and cloud.

What seemed just so easy , a walk in the park,

has suddenly become a battle that sparks!


The choice to be still stays steady on course.

The storm that has gathered is pressed down with force.

A moment of quiet, the winds fade away,

a sense of a whisper that comes from within,

encourages my being to sit still and grin!


The ground becomes fluid, resistance has run.

I feel grace stirring; peace kisses my face.

I welcome the shifting, as presence feels sweet.

I’m always surprised as I’m wakened to more.

I”ve spread out my wings I’m ready to explore.


Eternity’s vastness can simply surround.

The presence of hope makes a hush all around.

My spirit just twinkles, and life opens wide.

I’ve made a connection  with beauty’s best side.

I’m known, established and fully alive!

Autor – Bill Tidsbury


Simplicity – a lense


is a flame – a passion that delights; to find a joy that opens wide my ignition into Life.


is a single focus- it has no fractured lies; to balance on this razor’s edge, creating a surprise.


flows from being still; to pierce delusion’s mist, my inner being opens wide liberating peace.


grasps my everything; I know my future in my past and become the anthem sung.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


“What is rest?” I asked.

I heard no voice as my mind raced seeking answers!

“How do I still my mind?” I asked.

I had no peace as I wrestled to be still!

“How can I find peace?” I cried.

I found fear as my storm of despair raged wild!

Undone, I turned from deep within, to sense the storm I could not fight.

A voice said – “I am here! Peace – be still!”

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Fireflies and Romance

Fireflies in the dark, small beacons of light. They seem so relaxed as they move in the night.

Stars up above, glow down below, the night just feels right with these companions in tow.

Stillness wraps snugly as fragrance wafts silkily, peace sings softly as leaves sway the trees.

Insights like sprinkles that freshen my face, breathe coolness of life to revive what’s displaced.

Quiet awakes memories that rise from the depths, reminding of blessings filled with His breath.

Peace is my anchor and trust is the clasp that holds my whole heart in the folds of romance.

Author – Bill Tidsbury



I am, you are.

Together is still your favourite word.

He is, will be.

Prophetic songs are sung.


Trust comes with feeling.

Steps come with hearing.

Change is as certain as dawn.

Now is a moment, time’s in eternity,

You’ve named me yet here I sit still.

Mystery is hidden, Vision is blinding.

Never is not what exists now.


What do I say? How can I hear?

Voice has no contact with sight!

Stillness is never so easy to see,

And boldness is always delight.



Perfection’s intensity

Stillness, vastness running over.

Fire’s gaze upon my heart.

Burning coals that sear and burn.

Grace that meets me at every turn.

Shifting shadows that flee way,

things that dazzle and come into play.

You belong and all else holds still.

Perfection’s intensity is real.

You move, you lift, you turn and you see.

You grasp and shift what is plain to me.

You shake and burden the hearts that feel.

You are striding even when you are still.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

With You

Joy is a feeling internal,

Peace engages my will,

Love is a feeling of mystery

Hope always opens my cage.


To dance when the dance floor is missing,

To laugh when no one is playing,

To sing when the piano is tuneless,

To be when I’m alone in my haze.


It takes courage to laugh in the silence,

It is strong to weep when feeling the song,

It is loud when I’m still and most quiet,

It is life when I breathe and move on.


I stop so I  hear you just being,

I look for a glimpse of your eyes,

I hold  your hand to feel tender,

I turn cause I’m safe in your arms.


I’m best when I’m with you alone.

I’m happy to skip when away,

I’m free to whisper my secrets,

I’m ready to dance all my days.

Author – Bill Tidsbury