Strange new space

Mountain sunset leaps on the scene as the light plays through the gaps in far hills. Colours, gradually fade as the day draws into the dusky promise of rain. With a sigh the darkening sky warmly accepts days end.

Sitting alone in mountainous Boaco, Nicaragua, I’m enveloped by the onset of rain. Rain that drums and lashes its way across the roofs below me. The fine mist blowing off the roofs, fills the air, while lightening crashes silhouettes the hills that surround this beautiful town.

I sit alone, yet not in silence. The valley echoes and resounds to the marimba lilt from the bar  many streets below. I ‘m enjoying the sound until I realize the incessant beat – dum dum dee, dum dum, dee –  can only be appreciated in small quantities as it overpowers all other aspects of the night!

The air is fresh – unexpected in the tropics! Refreshing after various days with sweaty arms and the humidity that makes you sticky! Strangeness infiltrates the atmosphere as I ponder on the realities of being once again in this place of the unknown. Adventures form in the presence of strange new space!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Kids and bullfrogs

Massive bullfrog sitting in the shade,

minding his own as the heat holds sway,

Along comes a boy and wouldn’t you know,

the frog’s lost his chance to doze today.


The bullfrog’s big, the child you can see,

wants to know how long his legs may be.

He soon finds a stick and with just one tap

this boring day’s music turned into a rap.


The bull frog’s wise, the boy has a will,

the frog flips a flop as he dives down the hill.

He splashes with aplomb in a nice green scum

hoping he can hide or just play dumb.


The little boy’s quick, he’s learning with glee

that one push from a stick makes big things flee.

He probes and he pokes and carefully explores,

till the water erupts with a beast that soars!


The bullfrog decides, he no longer can play,

so he heads to the hills to hide under some clay.

He scrambles and jumps until quickly he finds

a quiet cave to protect his behind.


The moral you see, is plain I may say,

one flips a day by appreciating delay.

To open our eyes and curiously engage,

to laugh and romp in my day’s shifted page!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Journey – Hazy days

This journey lies before me.

Another day – haze in the distance.

I can not see the mystery,

only dusty ground before me.

Courage – to begin again.

It’s hard to step when I can’t see!


This familiar voice, wraps me close.

Such tender tones invite.

Comfort of an old song.

Trembles shake the ground below.

Is it not better to go quietly.

To settle into death’s embrace?


This fire that burns within.

Answers my song that swells – hauntingly.

Why does life so call while I still hurt?

Beauty is something deep within.

Echoes! Resonance weaves a carerss.

Someone won’t let me go!


This step grinds the dust explosively.

Light erupts from broken foundations.

Journey’s way was formed within a dance!

Rhythm in life opens possibility.

Listening is harder than endless cries.

Whose whisper is so electrifying?


This process  just won’t let me go!

The irritating reality of a joy that bubbles up.

Why am I smiling when I should sit and weep?

I’m invaded by Hope; my dance’s surprise.

Goodness flows when I’m in your arms.

Fresh winds clear the haze. I see!


This journey, my breathtaking release.

Soaring begins with clarity.

Destiny’s imagination  catalyzes me!

Dusty pathways bloom when it rains.

Colours blossom, creativity is contagious.

Your Life satiates my senses with wonder.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

I’m possible (impossible)

Wandering echoes within my heart, sure seem to hint at things that aren’t. Yet as I meander on the beach, I sense the waves and feel the heat. The smooth and gentle motion flows between my senses and then slowly goes,  to a hidden place, lost and faintly felt; to nether realms where they simply melt.

Yet though unseen, unfelt, and flown, they hint at more of me I wish I’d known. At times I wake as if from dreams, quite sure I’ve tasted of something keen. But no, on waking as I look about, I’m still within the same old boat. A tear leeks out on the worst of days, I had so hoped, I wasn’t in some daze!

And yet, one word when spoken with light, can come along and twist this plight. This word that glows and brings sparkle’s reign, burrows deep within my dreary plain. It stirs up something within the maze and suddenly the ground is crazed.  Momentary shift, with laughter brimming , I’m curious now – “Where have you been hiding!”

When mystery rises, and pressure roars, from deep within my unknown shores, I must decide and dare to breathe; I leap and move, though sure I can’t leave. Within this tension, I’m caught in worry, between a  past that smothers and new hope’s full story. There’s passion soaring yet fears start roaming, I feel choked and frozen – but hah!!- something is growing!

The moment explodes, and now I know,

I can step away (and be safe today)

– or –

I forget my grief and feel the flow,

I follow the dance, I sparkle with joy. It’s when I know fear’s only a ploy. So I break with shame and find my life, I fly up high when I’m not in strife.  I shatter the stillness of death’s embrace, and open my heart to Your hidden face.

I dance with You, all my answers are gone! And yet i’m sure, that I’m known and found. A waltz invites, creativity cascades. Multivariate universes just seem to rave! What I knew of me, seems now so faint, and I wonder how I could have been so quaint! I’m possible, engaging, I’m stepping free, my song’s a delight when sung with glee!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Questions from the Journey

Why does illusion attract?

Why do I find comfort in lies?

Why does fear leap so high,

creating this hunger to hide?

How does my thinking go silly?

How does my seeing grow dim?

How do I turn down the volume,

on that voice that says it’s not right?

When do I bury my head?

When do I simply choose sleep?

When do I curl up in sorrow,

waiting for it all just to end?

Who is really my friend?

Who is the one who deceives?

Who is the one who must choose,

where my pathway will lead?

What can I do to find hope?

What can I do to just rest?

What is the way to rest in your love,

and dance through the darkness instead ?

Author – Bill Tidsbury

In a moment

In a moment, stop and feel. What is quick and what is real. When a flicker, seems to flash by, was it you or just was strange? All of time, found in one second. All my senses seem to flow. As I slowly turn and wonder, what brought shock into my frame? As I stumble, unexpected, as adrenal glands work their charm, in the timing of a heartbeat, can I know what gives me harm?

In a twinkle, as I’m captured, by the scene that opens wide. Can I reach into forever to keep this beauty still alive? As my gasp sounds forth in wonder, as the chance encounter flies, can I really fully capture, what transpired as life revived? When the fleeting seems to fill all, when I know, yet seek for more, can I simply, still be waiting or do I close my eyes and snore?

As you wink, my iris widens. Oh! I recognize you know, all that noisy commentary, racing round inside my head, somehow clearly has found a partner, so I laugh as my face goes red. There is synchronicity in timings, little glances that seem to flow. When two distant bodies, seem to orbit, common frames down here below. In the capture of congruence, as two souls find harmony, can that delicate ethereal tendril be forever frozen whole?

Then as moments pass behind you, in the clutter of time’s endless flow, what accumulates and pools in crannies , is it lost unknown and blurred? When it’s buried and attention wanders, will that flicker see the light of day? Then it rises with fresh new sparkle – Spirit’s gift – beauty’s moment lasts forever when its captured in a heart of clay!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Day’s end


delightful breezes

caressing the fields.

Fragrance swirling; delicate hints-

scent’s harmony inviting to breathe.

Life rests in peace, ending day!

Sun’s intensity burns fiercely when directly overhead!

Relaxing, reflecting, enjoying this day’s gift.

Pondering tomorrow’s unique tantalizing hints.

Choosing hope, feeling fine!

We hold hands.

Slowly recline


Author – Bill Tidsbury