Fireflies and Romance

Fireflies in the dark, small beacons of light. They seem so relaxed as they move in the night.

Stars up above, glow down below, the night just feels right with these companions in tow.

Stillness wraps snugly as fragrance wafts silkily, peace sings softly as leaves sway the trees.

Insights like sprinkles that freshen my face, breathe coolness of life to revive what’s displaced.

Quiet awakes memories that rise from the depths, reminding of blessings filled with His breath.

Peace is my anchor and trust is the clasp that holds my whole heart in the folds of romance.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Toads, Snakes and Hope

Toads on the sidewalk, snakes on the road, life in the tropics- a sight to behold. Sweat runs down freely, food comes with spice, you never know who’s coming over tonight! Life is much simpler, laughter is bold, even when hearts face fears never told.

Trust is a treasure, hope is a joy, people believe when life bares the soul. Children coming running, arms are thrown wide, when Freedom comes dancing with sensitive eyes. A hug breaks despair, a tear stings the eye, together is stronger with you by my side.

Water drips down, rain soaks the ground, rivers run muddy as storms shout their sound. Fruit falls down loudly, drumming tin roofs, silence is squeezed when night jams with sound. Breezes warm whispers lift heat’s heavy load, as friends relax quietly sipping what’s cold.

Meaning gives purpose, peace shatters fear, vastness entices when destiny’s near. Words shape my focus, songs lift my heart, surely becoming more than I thought. Experience widens, mentors give scope, journey’s adventure is fuelled with hope.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

A different “you”

What’s in your face when you first look at me?

Why do your eyes stop? Why do you stare!

Is it because I have skin that’s so white?

Or possibly it’s just the fact that I look bright?


In mystery’s humility I struggle to live.

It seems contradiction to receive, when I long to give!

Yet watching your face as you give of your self,

I’m humbled and honoured to catch glimpses of grace!


Why do My eyes seem to meet yours with such trust?

What  do I catch when that bright smile appears?

Why does your soul seem to leap, then shed tears,

when hope turns to quicken what was lying there dead?


“Can I help you,” seems so much easier to say,

than, “here I come seeking advice if you may!”

Yet help, when you offer, grants me blessing and grace.

I feel so  thankful, you walk away in amaze!


How do I see past the fear in your eyes?

When can an act, speak peace that abides?

What can I bring, that’s a gift not a bribe,

to open the future and let your kids be alive?


In giving, you strengthen your heart to endure.

In receiving, I give your dignity a floor.

You step up, you grow wings, and suddenly show,

Your capable, bigger, than that “you” from before!

Author  – Bill Tidsbury

Love’s found joy

Trust is instinctive,

a reaction embedded

when brushing by others.

You step on the stage,

and show I can live,

scandalously free.


Trust is essential

to breathing and more.

Trust is from heaven.

A mystery so great!

It washes my pain

with your eyes that rain!


Trust is a beauty,

with eyes fixed

upon me,

protecting me,

lavishing sparkles,

that flow through my day.


Trust is a whisper,

that hints of a promise,

while splashing my dance floor

with music so lively,

it brings me vitality

while quieting fear.


Trust meets me kissing,

inviting transparency,

blessing with secrets

the one who would dare

caress me with tenderness

while holding me bare.


Trust is between us.

so your eyes gives me wings!

My heart begins flying,

cause trust leapt to soar.

Trust is my freedom

because love’s found joy.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Trusting as I rest in the safety of your arms,

quiet in the sensing of serenity so strong.

Looking into eyes that are still and full of hope,

I twinkle, gently pleased with what I feel this day.


Yet, in those moments when pointy questions seem to rise,

speaking softly in the echo of my soul.

Queries that bring ripples and the sucking sounds of fear-

things that speak of “maybe”, only adding to the score.


Trust becomes embattled, clearly headed out the door,

Things begin to crack and then decay.

I am faced with confidence lying shattered on the floor,

My dreams are bleeding, likely stillborn, as I’m dying in dismay!


Yet, hope can still be certain, when anchored strong in love.

Love that is as fierce as lions, holding to the core.

Betrayal often circles built on lies and biting pain,

actually stealing trust from whence it came.


When in pain uncertain, when all seems lost in agony,

then is still the moment to trust again.

Love believes, and dreams while clinging to this thing,

I have seen you at your worst and still I see:


You’re all that’s beautiful,

Still, all that’s kind,

and all that’s carried me through to this time.


I sense,

Pain inexplicable,

Fear unavoidable,

shame that is despicable,

needing trust’s kiss once more.


Trusting, still believing, that together we can live,

I step into your arms and listen once again.

I know we’re both imperfect, but still so bright,

in hoping and believing we can travel in the night.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Strength on the journey

Where does strength come from, when I am digging deep? At times it seems ephemeral and disappears as quick as steam. Other times, I find it sits as if with bated breath, just waiting for the invitation to change my helplessness.

Strength,is really quite mysterious as it strolls through out my life. I seem to have it most, whenever I need it least! And then in times, when I’m desperate and so low (and wishing life would play) I find that it evaporates and all I have is clay!

At times, my strength does come in joy. It seems to seethe and roil, when my cup just overflows. There’s moxie in my strut and life’s so effortless ! Then there are the times, when all is settled and still, and in these quiet reflections, I find my trust is real. Strength wraps me lack a blanket and stills my heart with grace, I find a gentle knowing that triumphs o’er all I face.

Why can’t my strength be malleable? Why can’t I plan ahead? I want to safely say, I’ve got things covered – for this day! Yet, life gets complicated. It’s an act of faith. I need to trust you as my friend and hope in God again.

So once again I’m feeling weak, a cry arising shrill. I need to ask a favour, for strength along the way. I stumble blindly, needing help and wishing for a blessing strong. I lift my face, feel your caress, and drink in deep of that which flows, mysterious fountains,  granting freshness in my drought below.

Author – Bill Tidsbury