Deep desire

Deep desire, broken dreams,

these can frame a heart’s deep needs.


Tender whisper, loves delight,

opens heaven in soul’s dark night.


Precarious balance, what comes next?

Soul’s deep well birth’s “now’s” reflex!


Baby’s chortle, life’s unkempt,

each step breathes with new intent.


Insight sparking, blooms the new,

genius shines through eyes askew.


Hope uplifting, swelling songs,

life’s delight shapes love’s deep bonds.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


A song that heals

In an instant life can change, its so sudden as I’m rearranged.

My upside down has made me frown. It’s all just turned me round and round!

As I wallow in shades of grey, my doubts explode and I’m a wraith.

I drift as if I live as dead, and wonder why my heart has dread.


When in that vague and grey abyss, I cry with wails that echo loud.

I still can hear a whisper faint, that hints a song can break my dread.

The tune so faint still never goes. It warms this heart because it knows .

That song it heals a wounded place and somehow grants me peace and bread.


I’m not alone; I never was. I’m softened by caress’s love.

When ere I look to catch that brush – I sense faint hints of things above.

I’m slowly learning I think to trust, In one who hopes for what I yearn.

The cry to flee it feels so strong, but when I trust, its then I learn.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

What plight

Locked within my known shores,

I look with wonder as others soar.

I would so love to fly up free,

while holding tight to this my way.


The blue of skies can be so pure,

It’s shocking really first to see.

The shock soon fades with eyes shut tight –

I can not leave my known shores.


A voice still whispers that I might

arise so free, and then take flight.

There’s something deep that reaches out,

I squeeze it hard in case it shouts.


I choose to live with silenced heart,

it’s safe to dwell on barren shores.

I cannot frame a different form,

than one with wings so weak and shorn.


Persistent still the voice calls out.

Reminding me of blue skies bright.

I wonder if some other day,

I might leap up and leave my plight?

Author – Bill Tidsbury


You –

your breath!

Whispers carry me.

Mysteries of your grace.

Tantalizing echoes; future intimacy tasted!

My forever – lost in you today.

Yearning bubbling up – priceless encounters; capturing- captured.

Drawn deep – answering intensity; converging glory.

Scattered to the winds — Kissed!

I can’t contain it.

Roaring wind trumpets!

Fulfilled longing.


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Shouting – in a world where whispers bring hope

We are moving into a time of conflict.

Fear fills the air.

People cry aloud!

People chant and taunt.

Actions bring harm. Pain hemorrhages everywhere.

Turmoil is causing visceral reactions.

I rise up to protect and defend my country- I am afraid!!

I rush forward to protest – I am scared of where things are going!

Truth is hard to hear when my heart is beating wildly!!

I can not see into your eyes when your eyes are violent and mine are angry!

Why should I care?

Whoever you are – you are the OTHER!! If you were my friend, you would be with me.

So I shout!

I feel strongly!

I know I am right – truth is on my side! I’m convinced! No one can change my mind!

I am blind – and now I hate!

You – the OTHER!

And it will be ok because after all – I am right!!


And truth??


Well it unfortunately lies bleeding on the ground.


How can I whisper when you are shouting? How can I bring change unless I scream?

Why does my heart look for quiet? Why is my heart bleeds full of silent screams?


Two lives whisper when love comes calling.

Two eyes soften in times of trust.

Two mouths touch with gentle kindness, when I see past your heart into your difference!



Hope rests with eyes that see.


Life lived in whispers brings a different type of victory.

Life arises in the quiet of a heart that is really free.

There is no fear when I am settled.

There is no dread when I walk in peace.

Eyes that are blind will open slowly, when I walk gently.

I connect your heart to life and love.

A sacrifice of peace is needed.

Quiet presence in the midst of violence.                 Actions taken that open windows.

Presence brought that stops the stones.

This is hopeless, it makes no sense! Violence never will still its voice!


We must arise! We must clear the streets  —of those who are so distinctly OTHER!!



So love is exiled to the back room, while important matters change.

We all believe in love, dear.                           It’s just best to wait for a better day!



still I cannot help it, still I cannot stop the need.

I must get up and reach my hand out, I must still whisper, I see your need!

Shouting never can bring hope – the world needs whispers!

So I quietly walk and look,

 into the eyes that still are shouting,

speaking whispers- wandering lonely -with my eyes so full of tears.

Author – Bill Tidsbury