Sensibilities delight

Soft; transparent; vulnerable:

these dance with sensibilities delight!

They rest as if embraced

within the arms of gentle love.

They do not rise to dominate.

They never shred and rage.

They fill the world with wonder,

flowing out of trust and grace.


They quell before the heat of hate.

seemingly crumbling into dust

as selfish greed strides forth.

Yet in the midst of turmoil’s pain

they kiss and heal stillborn’s dream!

Dull hearts are then enraged and shamed,

choking off forgotten longing’s song.

They felt this grace when mother smiled.

It echoes still, while comfort’s kiss is lost.


Trust is a bed rock firm and sure.

It frames a world with beauty’s hue.

It settles softly into silk

and opens wide communion’s milk.

Trust dances free and never stabs.

Its laughter flows as fragrant wine.

It grows majestic as the dawn

and leaves the delicacy of lace behind.

Soft, transparent, vulnerable,

This truth is lively and sublime!

Author – Bill Tidsbury



Raised expectations surge with delight.

it feels like it’ll happen, maybe-just might!

The visions they swirl and dance in the wind,

the possible’s endless, and wonder’s in flight.

The hormones are cranked up, the crackle is felt,

and time seems suspended and waiting’s a fight.

All this and more flows out from just words,

that simply portended  that dreams can see light!


Failed expectations can hurt just like hell.

The future collapses as pain’s torment swells.

The heart feels despairing, sinking deep in the sea,

while purpose is listless and eyes cannot see.

My stomach does threaten to  split me in two,

and dread seems to squash whatever feels new.

Life’s gripped in iron when future looms dark,

and hope just lies stillborn in grief’s hateful night.


Living, believing is never a waste.

It frames my good fortune when in valley’s grave.

My present is always a gift of great hope,

when breathing is granted and friendships are close.

I hold to the precious, that lives in my hand,

and reach for the promise that vision demands.

While ever uncertain, I still see a strand,

of grace that’s connected to that which is grand.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Will you join me

I glanced up high ,

the sky’s so blue!

It such a perfect hue!

It captures light

and then reflects

the wonder of this earth –

as if to say

it really is

a gift!


I stopped and heard

the wind that blew.

It tickled me

as if it knew

just how to brush my ear!

I feel alive

as with my eyes

I drink in colour’s wine

and sing!


I laughed within,

I think I’m buzzed!

This world is quite unique.

There’s ants and bugs,

and little ducks,

that cause my eyes to glow.

This gift of life,

I hold it high-

and dance!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Peace in the journey

Peace for the mind appears like a matrix.

It’s pieces are tidy and loose ends aren’t frayed.

It’s beauty arises through the flowing of symmetry

that gifts my journey, paths that have clarity.


Peace for the heart is the warmth of embrace,

in the music of feelings that kiss healing grace.

It’s beauty arises from wellsprings of love,

that sparkle around us and shield us each day.


Peace for the spirit is a lake set so still.

Its infinite glory frames my essence to “be”.

It’s beauty arises from  life’s light that births,

all of the wonder of life’s fractal mirth.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Spirit dances slow

Choices within the spirit realm can be a little scary.

I thought I knew my self!

My world runs on routine! But when a sudden twist appeared then suddenly,  I leapt off of the tracks. I found I seemed to now run blind, even when the my world was bright with light!

The shift of balance passing through the veil, is often rather quick. I sense a bit of shock and fear in finding fountains sparkling deep within!

The strong protecting walls of life are suddenly very thin! I never knew – with just a breath that rock could shimmer as if on whim!

Now, with Spirit’s brush, my world is bright and full of things unseen. I ponder – what should be my hope in seeking mystery’s delight?

Is there a danger lurking there – can things so bright be real? Or –  have I simply stumbled on a hole in someone else’s dream?

The things that I can see and feel, bring comfort to my soul.

The change occurs not just within , but leaps across to other’s grins. There is this spark, there is a flow, that paints with colours bright. And so I live with wonder’s hope -alive in nature’s rush as Spirit dances slow.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Stumbling in the dark

My path at night is dark and gloomy,

It’s hard to see without a light.

The roots that trip and things that claw me,

surprise my heart and I take flight.

Yet on this same path in the daytime,

I walk without a care and even play!

I never ponder why I’m fearless,

when deep within I see the way.

Yet now I found my little flashlight,

its bright and shines like mid-day sun.

The world though dark has been enlightened,

and now my my inside’s bright and fun!

Its as I walk with no light seeing,

that darkness fills my world inside.

My future’s dark, uncertain – fearful,

I jump and startle at things that hide.

But when within me light shines brightly,

I shine love’s joy as if a beam,

what comes back sweetly, living in me

is life’s delight with wonder’s theme!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

“New” begins again

First time new – something so powerful, something so wonderful! A birth, a fresh idea, an invention. Something startling and never seen before. It bursts upon the scene with welcome and joy.

However, what astounds me  is the crushed and broken.

Hidden treasure waiting to be found! Something discarded, lost, and forgotten. So much sorrow and hopelessness, trapped within a fragile skin of consciousness.

Always looking – always longing for what?

The sparkle of the new, the wonder of freshness! Always seen, never touched.  So flows the heartless brokenness of loss.

Yet, “new” begins again!

I’ve seen the wonder of light. the joy of crushed fragments settling into patterns, Beauty for ashes framing wonder! Newness comes alive and hope springs into being.

Hope bubbles delightedly, sparkles in the sunshine. Breezes waft away the stench of death. Fragrance fills the air, curious vibrancy activates expectancy as beauty once again dances upon the stage of life.

Freshly, creatively new!

This is the power of Life; the power of Spirit; the meaning of resurrection!

Author – Bill Tidsbury